Valentine’s Day Dinner Splurge Turns into a Frugal Reality Check

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      My frugal reality check…. Decided to splurge for the family for Valentine’s Day. Ordered delivery, just about $90.00 with the restaurant delivery charge, the drivers tip, Uber’s delivery charge and tax. We would have had leftovers for tomorrow so it didn’t seem horrible.

      Well, the food was late, cold, every item was wrong except the 4 pieces of garlic bread. With all the messed up items only 1 entree could be saved. Restaurant no help at all, sent email to Uber no response from them. Lesson… Make something for under $20, save money & have an edible meal. Lesson learned… A backhanded Win, I guess.

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        Call them or go on the app uber eats you will get a refund.

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          Well someone would be reimbursing me for the wrong food…. $90 is too much for garlic bread!

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            Sadly, that’s happened too many times for us so we quit ordering delivery. Bless you for doing something special for your family though.

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              Go into the app, find the order, report that you didn’t get the items you ordered. You’ll get credit for the order.

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                I refuse to use delivery services. I order from the restaurant online and pick up.

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                  Call your credit card company and dispute the charge. The items ordered were not the items delivered.

                  Or call the restaurant and give them a chance to make good on the order. Tell them you will dispute unless they fix the situation. They get charged money, used to be $25 per dispute, when a charge is disputed, regardless which side wins. Point that out to the manager or owner. Stuff happens during busy times, but to not fix the situation is very bad business.

                  Also, check out: An early Valentine’s dinner for us. Ribeye dinner and it came out to under $10 per plate!

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                    Call the restaurant directly.speak to the manager. Don’t stop there if you don’t get results. They need to, at the very least, give you credit or gift cards for some of the food.

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                      My idea is this…the more entities that deal with a situation…the higher chance of being messed up and overpaid…

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                        My partner and I are celebrating valentines today instead of yesterday. We both worked in food service before our careers so we know how stressed and packed restaurants get, hence why we’re celebrating today. It’s probably not the delivery’s complete fault.

                        There’s VDay traffic, understaffed restaurants and a whole combo of stuff!

                        Explore these too: Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day: Dining Out and Homemade Delights

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                          I used to just eat out all the time. It was affordable at one time and people seemed to care about getting our order right. Now although the food costs a lot more it is smaller and usually slapped together.

                          Now if I think about eating out, I decide that even if I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I am getting a better tasting less expensive meal.

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                            I ordered using doordash one time at the beginning of covid. I ordered a lunch salad and a piece of cheesecake from Buffalo Wild Wings. Had I been in the restaurant, my bill would have been around $20 (plus tax and tip) but it ended up costing me more than double that with the fees, etc.

                            On top of that, the food took more than 90 minutes to get to me (I lived maybe 2 miles from the restaurant) and by the time I got it, the salad was wilty and the chicken was cold.

                            I have never ordered delivered food again.

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                              Sorry you had a bad dinner. I don’t order anything but pizza for delivery. Burned once with Italian, chicken dish barely had any chicken in it. I almost went to the store yesterday but talked myself out of it. I ended up making Lima beans and ham, which my husband loves. He went back for seconds and took leftovers for lunch today.

                              We all have done this or similar things, don’t beat yourself up over it.

                              I would try to register another complaint with both delivery and restaurant.

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                                Definitely go to the help option and do live chat to get a refund. They will reimburse you especially if you don’t have any previous refunds. I took a long break from ordering food.

                                Did the same thing – thought I’d treat myself and spent almost $100 and it was crap! Ugh.

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                                  It was definitely a lesson learned for the future. I choose not to use Uber Eats nor Door Dash as they charge the business a percentage of the cost.

                                  Often it is a small business affected by this.

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                                    I spent far less than that and got a gift grocery delivery for my second oldest daughter (she lives halfway across the country from me) of two ribeye steaks, 1 lb of thick cut pork chops, four large russet potatoes, a large container of top the tater sour cream, and a 5 oz bag of lindor chocolate truffles, for about $60 including delivery and tip.

                                    Not saying this is cheap, but if you’re looking for a way to treat your family, that would probably work out better for them than the restaurant delivery in the future.

                                    The items are easy to cook and still have the sentiment of being a treat on a special day.

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                                      In the past I found Valentine’s Day was the worst day for restaurants. They’re slammed all day and standards seem to skip pretty quickly. It sucks so much that that happened!

                                      The cost of delivery is just nuts these days, even getting pizza is so pricey!

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                                        You can contact them right in the app. Click on “help” and then “more help”. Click on “past orders” and follow the directions to get a refund.

                                        You can also “untip” I think, if you feel the driver was at fault- I’ve never actually done that (it’s usually the restaurant’s fault) but I’m pretty sure there is an option for that.

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                                          Our DIY… luckily my boyfriend and I are decent home cooks.


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                                            That’s horrible on the restaurant as well as Uber’s part. Sorry that happened. I’ve so removed myself from going to restaurants or ordering (not that I did it much, maybe 2-3 times a year). I much prefer my own food ☺️ but I get wanting something special for a special occasion.

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                                              Get a really good frozen crab cakes. Steam fresh asparagus. My favorite wine for fish Albariño. $40 for the whole thing. Takes less than 30 minutes to make.

                                              Cooking for the one you love- priceless. They will appreciate it.

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                                                I had a DoorDash coupon for 20 percent off yesterday, and everyone in the family was worn out, so I decided to splurge. It turns out the coupon was only worth $6, so the total came to $64 for 4 people, before tip! I decided to order online and pick it up myself, but it still totaled about $50. The restaurant’s site kept crashing, so I gave up!

                                                We made a cheap, filling meal at home and saved at least $40.

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                                                  So sorry that happened to you. I won’t use a delivery service to deliver my food because I have heard of stuff like this happening to way too many people.

                                                  Especially cold food. If the restaurant themselves delivers themselves then I will.

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                                                    I am so sorry that your service was so bad. That just irks me. I do the delivery apps and I won’t use them to order food. I know how picky I am about stuff and strive to give my customer’s the same service I would expect.

                                                    I’ve seen some of the driver’s in my area and it makes me so upset because I had so many regular customer’s that would be so happy I was delivering for them when they’d see my name.

                                                    When we have bad driver’s it ruins it for everyone. Contact the service and review the person also.

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