I’m currently on BS3 I’m halfway to the 6 month goal

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      .. I just had my first encounter at a grocery store being able to help someone in need knowing I’m doing okay myself.

      I got in the only checkout line open at 9pm. The wife and I had 3 items and were “in a hurry”. The lady in front of us was complaining about a $3 off the hot meal special from the deli that wasn’t ringing up properly. As the cashier waited for the manager to show up and figure out the problem we just continued waiting patiently.

      Once the manager had eventually taken the $3 off her bill the lady input her debit card into the reader and the cashier said it had declined. The lady, obviously feeling embarrassed, mentioned that “she forgot she had to activate her card”. I myself have used this same excuse when I didn’t have the funds in my account to pay.

      She then started digging through her purse trying to scrounge up loose change and dollar bills to pay for her 1 single hot meal. I could clearly see that she knew she didn’t have enough to cover it. I told the cashier to ring my stuff up onto her bill and I will pay for it all. It was only an extra $10 for me which in my current state I can afford. But for her it was a hot meal worth more than the that. I’m glad I started the baby steps and the Ramsey way.

      She was so appreciative and thankful to have been in front of me tonight. I feel so good inside that I had to run on her and share. Dave is right about the joy of being able to help someone financially.

      Thanks for reading guys! Good luck to everyone still fighting out of debt you can do it.

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        That is great inspiration, thank you for representing us weird people so well. love reading these.

        I don’t normally tell my similar story, but I think this page is a safe space where everyone here will understand. This is not about me, I hope this provides inspiration for anyone reading this.

        Same scenario for me a couple years ago, but the person in front of me was a parent of an old friend from school. She knew who I was, she knew I knew who she was. Her card kept declining, so I asked the cashier allow me to add my stuff to the bill and I will handle it. “Carol” turned to me, gave me a hug and said I hope to repay you someday, but I told her no need, let me help.

        A year or so later, she showed up on my Facebook page and simply said “I will never forget what you did for me” Turns out, she was very sick and I had no idea her time here on earth was short. She is no longer here, but I know she was a believer.

        Friends, not many things feel better than knowing you helped someone out and want nothing in return. Stay the course, the baby steps work. We hit BS7 a year ago this month.

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          God bless you to be a blessing to someone else. It amazes me how God can take a little and turn it into a lot. What seems little to us may be real big to them. This was an inspiring story. The best is yet to come for you and your family!!

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            That is so kind of you, and you probably would have done that in BS2 as well!

            Our former news reporter in our city, went to the grocery store to buy baby stuff, and all her cards were declined. She called her husband and said something needs to change. She felt embarrassed of course like we all did when that happened, but also the extra attention on her, because she is a public figure. Talk about a wake-up call, being in line, with your viewers now knowing your personal business.

            Well … she sure did own her past, because she is now an FPU coordinator (or was) and she tells this story. I think many of us can relate to it.

            She and her hubby called into the show last year to do the “we are weird people debt-free scream.” After she and her husband got out of debt (in 6 months, they sold cars, purses, her designer clothes, etc and worked super hard) they went on to pay off their house. Her hubby is a firefighter.

            They are now millionaires, in less than 8 years I believe it took from start of journey to house paid off. She mentioned on the show, that their finances didn’t make sense to have done this that quickly, but she said God made it possible, and to this day, they don’t know how their income got this done. She now has an IG channel that is all about empowering women, devotionals to God, and eating healthy. Forgot to mention, that during their house payoff journey, she had quit her job as a news anchor, so it was done on primarily one salary, but I think she did have some income from her IG store and her empowerment movement.

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              That’s awesome! Congratulations! More than a hot meal, you likely renewed her hope that night.

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