Small tip: Get a smaller trash can, pay a smaller trash fee

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      In my town, they recently gave out new trash cans (96 gallons) that they will use to collect the trash with. They also gave us some paperwork saying you can ask for a smaller trash cans, and will then be charged less for trash pickup each week.

      Y’ALL, I don’t need a 96-gallon trashcan, so I asked for a smaller one – got it the next day – and lowered my bill by $5 a month! (Plus, smaller trashcan to store outside now!)

      It’s $60 of savings a year, and I am psyched!! May be worthwhile to see if your local government has a similar arrangement.

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        I live in a rural area and when I save $35 a month by taking my trash once a week to a county trash collection site 10 r/t minutes away. I’d do it less often, but I don’t like to store garbage and I can’t physically handle a large garbage can. That’s $420 a year.

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          Our city doesn’t charge for trash can pick up thankfully but yes if you don’t use it and have a choice I would have done the same thing. I miss the old days of metal trash cans you put out in the alley.

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            If you compost well your “waste” will be relatively dry. We no longer use bags for rubbish. We just dump it directly into the city bin (smaller discounted one) so saving money on plastic bags too.

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              I recycle everything, have a compost pile, use clean mayonnaise jars and similar containers to store dry foods (rice, oatmeal, cereal, etc.) to protect from bugs, etc. Trash collection would cost me $40 every three months. Takes me 4 to 6 weeks to generate a 13 gallon bag of trash so that would be $10 to $20 per bag! So I have a friend who lives in the city, whose trash is covered in her water bill, no extra charge. I take a clean recycled styrofoam container of cookies, or cake, for my friend, and drop off my bag in her can. Works really well for both of us, she’s not a baker.

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                Our county gave everyone a medium rolling can, with the option to go smaller or larger. They pick up twice a week. My family needed the larger can. We also have a large recycling bin. But they only take that once every other week. I fill that quickly. Wish they would do garbage once per week and recycling once per week. But as our adult kids start moving out perhaps I should consider downsizing.

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                  My neighbor pays over $40 per month… I take my own to the dump, costs me around $6- per month.

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