Best way to get rid of knats?

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      I live in the country area in an apartment. The kitchen is where i notice them. I tried bleach down trash disposal drain.

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        Keep them drains closed !!! If not, pour boiling water down the drains.

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          Zevo devices are awesome, and I think Raid has a copycat. You can find them in most grocery stores now.

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            We had a problem at work and used a mix of apple cider vinegar and dawn dishwasher liquid. I don’t remember the ratio, but maybe Google that.

            It smells awful, but the gnats went to it and drowned within a couple days. We store property rental supplies at our office sometimes and our came from a fridge someone mistakenly thought was clean, so we knew our source.

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              Depends on which kind.

              Drain gnats are living on the bacteria in the drain. Use vinegar and baking soda and rinse with boiling water. Repeat as needed.

              Fungus gnats are in the soil of houseplants. Yellow sticky traps will catch them but not get the ones living in the soil and eating the roots of the plants.

              Best thing I have found to stop them is to spray the top of the soil lightly with peroxide and then cover the soil with sand. It can be gardening sand or craft sand. Anything that stops the little bugs from coming out of the dirt.

              Then there’s fruit flies gnats. I have tried every homemade recipe and had no success. Finally found this one on Amazon and it works great. Refills are available so save the little cups.


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                Pour bleach down all drains at bedtime. Get the tennis racket bug zapper fly swatter and kill them regularly. Put fruit in the refrigerator.

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                  They can also be in the soil in houseplants. Let them dry out until they start to droop then only water plants from the bottom.

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                    The most important thing is to take a deep breath and don’t stress yourself out about it. Remind yourself that we all have to start somewhere, and start with just one step at a time. It gets really easy to become overwhelmed, and then get very discouraged, and feel as if we failed before we really even gotten started. All of these suggestions come with very good advice, so referring back to them from time to time, would definitely be beneficial.

                    But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. However, this I can assure you nickels and dimes do you add up to dollars, and ironically, it doesn’t take as long as one would think when you stay consistent.

                    Best of luck to you, and congratulations on the new place.

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                      I do my rent and a few groceries and gas on one cheque and bills, savings, investments, groceries and gas on the second cheque. Without overtime I make about $3k a month, and my rent is 1170. I try and do as much overtime as possible. Don’t get cable. Use mint mobile for your phone.

                      Don’t forget sinking funds for christmas, your next car, vacation, and other known big expenses.

                      I wish you well in your new home.

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                        Make a budget – a monthly budget. Your rent is just over 30% of your income. That is right on the “affordable” threshold, so you need to be mindful.

                        Rent on time every time. Have your savings go to an account automatically and make that a little harder to access. The utility companies are likely to ask for deposits.

                        It will probably look like the end of the month check goes to rent with groceries left over and bills come from the other check. Until you are comfortable, track all your spending meticulously. A cushion of savings will make things feel a lot better.

                        Building it will take effort.

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                          Buy groceries based on sales, and make a batch large enough to freeze some. If you don’t mind eating the same thing every night, make an inexpensive meal, e.g. vegetarian chili and change it up by having a different kind of side dish or salad.

                          A friend did this is spent only $2/meal. Freeze your credit card and pay cash for everything, or I thought it might be smart to buy gift card at the grocery store and use this as a way to budget.

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                            Stay out of debt. If you use credit cards, pay them off each month. So many people fall behind because of credit card interest. Don’t buy stuff just because “its a good deal,” you will regret it. Pay yourself first, savings / retirement.

                            Everytime you get a raise, send that to your retirement. Work up your savings to at least cover all your set bills for 2-3 months. That way you aren’t sweating month to month.

                            Don’t buy a lot of furniture, just enough to get by on. We started in our home with folding lawn chairs because they were cheap. Then take your time and perhaps buy used off FB Mktplace, takes a lot of looking, but don’t settle till you find an item you really like.

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