I saved $125.00 this week

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      I was on FB Marketplace looking for a dresser and liked one really well. I inquired. Then on my way to work there was a dresser out for trash day. In near perfect condition. I managed to get it in my car, take it home and still get to work on time. My family loves it. I do too. For free. Score.

      THANK YOU for all the positive feedback!

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        That’s how the lord works. Always on time.

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          I found my first dishwasher out in someone’s yard for free. the lady said it doesn’t work but I got it in the van anyway…it was only clogged with rice. I cleaned it really good and it worked for me for 9 years.

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            If people are like me I strategically put great stuff to the curb I hope someone will nab. The neighbors have plenty of my old stuff. I treat my stuff well so it’s always is in new condition. Great score.

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              If you’re vigilant you can practically furnish your home by being alert to give away some curb alerts.

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