Our frugal Valentine’s tradition

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      I get my quads each a dollar box of hearts from the dollar store as well as a card. The card is an annual love note containing things I truly love about them, progress I’ve noticed in character development, etc.

      The cards mean far more to them than an extravagant gift.


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        My Dad always gave us a book. He bought books at thrift stores and garage sales. He was very good about getting us books we each enjoyed to read.

        He did this for all 6 daughters and all granddaughters, until he passed.

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          Love it! do same for my kids every year.

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            This is similar to what we do. I get them the small heart of chocolates and then we have a card for each person in our family and everyone writes one thing we love about that person.

            So, I get a card (always turns into a bookmark) with four things I’m loved and appreciated for; G gets a card with four things; H gets a card with four things, etc

            Also, check out: What are you doing to make Valentine’s Day cards?

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              This year I skipped the box cause I know most of it they won’t even like. But I did find a s’more “bunny” Iol they would like more

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