How many gifts do you gift your Kindergarten teacher throughout the school year?

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      We gifted her $30 chocolate from her favorite candy store for the holidays. Then a gift card to one of her favorite restaurants for her birthday. It was $30 or $35.

      We also donated some money to the school during an event ($175).

      Now the teacher’s appreciation week is coming up in May.

      Then when he graduates kindergarten in June we will probably gift her something.

      Is it really necessary to gift her something in May then?

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        I know the teachers are funding things for their classroom/my child’s learning too often. And, they spend more time with my child than I do many days. I take every one of these opportunities to hand them a thank you card with $50-100 cash in it. I skip the gift cards, too many scams/lost/stolen issues.

        I appreciate their efforts more than they know!

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          I mean this in the nicest way, but it’s one thing to be financially responsible and another to be cheap. In this situation if you can you should.

          It’s not expected but teachers are not paid well and put so very much into your children emotionally, financially, and even physically (putting them above their own health).

          They also give way more time out of class than you’d expect.

          I can’t imagine spending all day with 20-30 5 year olds, they deserve way more than we can possible give them.

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            Teachers don’t expect much. However, I can tell you that it’s hard to find kindergarten teachers. Kindergarteners are HARD. Even a 5.00 gift card or a cute succulent goes a long way. If it’s full day kindergarten, they spend a lot of time with your kid.

            It’s the acknowledgement that matters most.

            Chances are, they’ve probably spent 20 on supplies for just your kid alone this year depending on what the school supplements.

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              My son’s teacher gifted me $50 for Christmas one year (to help buy toys) when she found out I was struggling. I sobbed.

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                As a teacher, gifts are (most) always appreciated but never expected. If you have a really tough kid, maybe give an end of year gift. Otherwise, have your kid write them a card (if anything). cards from kids are great at any age.

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                  I just looked at my budgeting software to find that I spend, on average, $200 per month on my classroom.

                  The best gift, aside from sending kind and respectful learners to school, is to purchase something off of our classroom Amazon wishlist because it helps take some of the financial burden off of teachers.

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                    I gift our teachers $100 gift cards for Christmas ($50 for the paras.) I also buy them lunch once a month throughout the school year.

                    For the end of the year gifts, I anonymously gift $500 VISA gift cards for the teachers, $100 for the paras.

                    We usually spend between $2,000 and $5,000 at the annual school auction.

                    My kids are in 3rd and 6th grade, and I’ve done this every year since Kindergarten.

                    I always request Amazon wishlists for the classrooms at the beginning of each year and will periodically buy stuff from it for both classes.

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                      Omg do what feels right to you. I hate these anonymous posts that just seem braggy.

                      I’m a teacher. No one gives me anything ever so just know that’s your option if you so choose.

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                        Sounds like you don’t want to do anything for teacher appreciation week. Don’t do it.

                        Trust me, the last thing we want is for someone to feel obligated. Seriously. Just have your kid draw them a picture and include a note from you that you appreciate the hours put in to develop your kid into the best little kinder they can be. I’ve kept all my notes and letters and cards from students. They’re incredibly meaningful.

                        Set a budget each year what you think is an appropriate amount to spend on your kids teacher. Spread it out or do it all at once and do cards and drawings and notes for the others. Then next year you won’t have to complain about all the gift giving to the teacher because you set the amount and nobody else.

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                          Well as a teacher myself I never expect or care for anything for me, I just want to make sure the kids have supplies like scissors, glue, crayons, etc.

                          I refuse to buy those supplies out of my own pocket as I have kids of my own to support those things with as well.

                          But as for gifts for birthday, Christmas, teacher appreciation, I’d never expect anything. But I’m a guy and don’t really care for gifts lol

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                            I’m a room parent for my kindergartener. Many of the parents bought individual Christmas gift. I offered group option. Def helps keep the cost down. Then we are doing teacher appreciation week. I think that’s more important than her bday. Try to ask parents to do a group gift so you can all donate a smaller amount to give her one larger cash/gift card amount. I know our teacher appreciates it all. But def does not expect it.

                            Personally I think you’ve been generous. It’s not the amount, it’s the thought. I like to add a kid drawing with the gift card/cash.

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                              We do the holidays and the end of the year. At the beginning of the year I ask if they need anything for their classroom and will buy that too if there’s something they need.

                              Otherwise the PTO usually covers teacher appreciation.

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                                I’m a speech pathologist in a title one school. I occasionally get gifts b/c I’m not directly in the classroom with teachers and paras. It’s nice to be thought of during the holidays and the end of the year, but the best gifts are the heartfelt notes the parents write expressing their gratitude.

                                –On a side note, when my daughter was in elementary school, I used to buy a bunch of Target gift cards when they ran their 10% off sale to gift to teachers and bus drivers for the holidays and the EOY.

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                                  For teacher appreciation week I do flowers (Trader Joes for great price)- I wrap the flowers in brown craft paper and black and white stripe grosgrain ribbon. For end of year, I do a gift card and thoughtful note.

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                                    For Xmas, I always gave $25 GC for Barnes & noble. They could use it on themselves or classroom books.

                                    For teacher appreciation, I usually gave to PTO which did a large lunch for them including $10GC for each staff member.

                                    End of the year- I was class mom, I organized a collection from all parents. We gave 1/2 to a local restaurant we know she liked & 1/2 to staples or Barnes & noble. Again, they can use for themselves or help offset things I knew they were buying for the classroom. We also had the kids each make a scrapbook page of their favorite memories from the year & gave her a scrapbook.

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                                      We have 4 kids, and it has varied over the years- but I think most common for our school is Christmas, end of year, birthday, and teacher appreciation (usually a lunch from a local restaurant). Also, we usually all pool our money together and give class gifts to the teacher- each family averages about $150/year/teacher which covers those four gifting opportunities.

                                      If your child is in kindergarten- I would do something for the kindergarten aid (para)- as they are often overlooked, but help the kids so much and make almost no money at all. Also, I would do a smaller gift for each special area teacher (art, music, library, etc.) there are usually 5-6 specials. Some families also gift something to the bus drivers, the secretaries, and the nurse.

                                      None of the gifting is necessary, but I know it is appreciated.

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                                        As a kindergarten teacher who absolutely loves her job & your children, we do not expect anything but appreciate everything. Most of us teachers do spend a lot of our own money to invest in your child’s education materials & classroom environment. The simplest gifts are appreciated- hand written cards by your child, coffee, Target, Amazon & restaurant gift cards I seem to get most & really appreciate. Plants & flowers are lovely.

                                        I had a student who took styrofoam pieces & colored it with glittery pens with a hand made card saying that he made me gems — because I’m a great teacher like rubies & diamonds. It was the sweetest!

                                        And see I’m sharing that story I’ll never forget! Oh, we do love nice hand lotion because we wash our hands a lot! I remember when my kids were in elementary & I wasn’t teaching then, one of the room moms collected money from all the parents to buy the teacher a Tiffany necklace.

                                        I was shocked & I think some of the other teachers were a bit jealous. Oh, my son & his girlfriend have visited my work bringing me lunch as a surprise, loved it!

                                        Simple, thoughtful & within your budget is best honestly!

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                                          I think it’s nice to show appreciation to teachers, but it doesn’t have to be a big gift every time. Maybe a small token of appreciation during Teacher’s Appreciation Week and then something more substantial for graduation could be a good balance.

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