Any remedy for getting a bat out of your house?

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      They’re so creepy. I can’t sleep!

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        We had a couple in our house when we were kids and my dad trapped them against the wall with a badminton racket.

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          Bats are nothing to play with…rabies is real.

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            Animal control removed for me before.

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              Turn off all lights inside. Open front or backdoor (might work with a window) & turn on the light outside. Someone told me this when we had one.

              I can’t guarantee that it works, but it did for me.

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                If you’re seeing them off & on, you may want to call an exterminator. We’d catch them 2 or 3 times a year then last summer we started smell, what we thought was cat urine smell, but not quite.

                Sure, enough we had colony of bats that had been living inside our house for a very long time!

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                  Wait till daylight and then remove it while it is sleeping. This was ours and in the morning this is how we found him. Asleep. Husband grabbed a large container with a flat lid. Lifted the container to surround the bat.

                  Then slowly slid the lid in place. We took him outside and released him.


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                    Open your biggest door and let it feel the air and it should fly out on its own. You can even direct a fan toward door.

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                      When a bat is in your house, you might need rabies shots. Their teeth are so sharp that you can’t always feel a bite, or see one. If you wake up and find a bat on your bed, you definitely need rabies shots. They don’t hurt like they used to. You can’t tell if a bat has rabies unless its brain is examined. We had a bat on our bed & had to get rabies shots.

                      We don’t know how the bat got in or out. I haven’t tried it but read if a bat is on the floor. you can catch it by placing a big coffee can over it. Then you slide a piece of cardboard under the can & take the bat outside. If I caught a bat, I would have it examined for rabies.

                      Bats are the number one carrier of rabies in the country. Rabies are 100% fatal, except for a very few folks. We don’t have bats in our attic.

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                        Leave a door open. Do not touch. It could have rabies. Call your city’s animal control and have them come out to retrieve it.

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                          It’s the saliva that is the worry. Since the bat is in your house someone needs to catch it and take to the health department for rabies testing. Be careful or get a professional. My daughter’s whole family had to be treated for rabies because the bat was in their living quarters and got away prior to testing

                          By the time you have symptoms of rabies, treatment is hopeless. Also if they are in your attic you cannot kill them by federal law , but have them professionally removed. They must be captured and taken miles from their location and humanely released. They are good environmentally. It’s expensive to have this done Also their excrement is disease carrying and if you have in your attic etc it needs to be removed professionally.

                          Rabies is rare but happens. Gruesome death. Our state had a 9 year old die with it from unknowingly having contact at a camp.

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