I made myself a rule: NO buying groceries until the fridge is empty!

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      Anyone else have rules that kept them within budget?

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        We meal plan religiously, so we don’t have much left over ingredients, but when we do that’s where we start the next week’s food plan.

        For example, this week a recipe called for 1.5 cups of beef broth, so I have more than 1/2 a carton left. So some kind of soup or stew will be on the menu next week!

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          That’s what I’m doing this week. Food that’s just been sitting there in the pantry is finally getting used.

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            Meal prep/plan by oldest expiration date… less waste; same with storing it… newest expiration dates go in the back moving the oldest stuff forward and in sight .

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              I have done that but yes still had to buy a few items but I really limit myself. I only will buy the items I need to go with the food I still have in the fridge.

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                There are staples like beans rice oatmeal and eggs that I keep in the house. The grocery sales ad usually comes out on Wednesday, whatever meat is on sale we plan meal prep around. Shop Friday night or Saturday depending on schedules, and cook on sunday afternoons. $100. If we under spend the extra can buy a bonus snack or stay in the envelope for another time. This gives us a little lee way to splurge for celebrations, work parties, and etc.

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                  I plan and shop weekly so I never have more than $75 worth of food in the house at any time. If my son complains that there’s no food I refer him to what is left that HE chose the week prior.

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