How to save money on groceries with Costco?

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      I really need to cut down on my grocery budget for some expenses coming up. I have a wacky idea of maybe only going to Costco for my groceries, but then I’m afraid I’ll have to eat the same thing over and over and over again. Obv I could get a variety of fruits and veggies, but what else could I do?

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        You can start the process now but if you buy and bulk and prepare more meals. You can freeze a lot of it so that way down the road you will have a better time cycling out meals without repeating yourself.

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          In England foodbanks are for people who cannot afford to shop is it not the same in US?

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            I try not to cook every day. What I do is make (mostly from scratch) a good amount of 3 or 4 meals. Then I have choices for 3-4 days.

            Sometimes I’ll cook two days in a row, so the foods don’t get old all at the same time and I still have choices.

            I also don’t mind eating the same thing for 2-3 days if I’m in the mood for it.

            Have you seen: What are your fav recipes for making lunches for the week?

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              I typically plan my menu by looking at what’s on sale for the week, along with what I already have in my freezer and pantry.

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                I can go to Sam’s club and spend $100-150 a month on meat, And it gets me a lot of meals. I feel in the rest of the ingredients from the regular grocery store so we can use things up. I also like the shop at Aldi.

                When I am being more frugal, I will commit to making treats and everything homemade.

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                  You can get the same things but make multiple things out of them . When I was poorish I did that. Like I’d buy a bag of frozen chicken breast, chopped meat, rice lettuce, tortillas, taco seasoning, potatoes, eggs. Then I’d make chicken rice casserole, chicken nuggets, chicken taco bowl. I’d fry the shells make tacos, beef taco bowl, quesadillas, egg potato hash, fries.

                  Anyway you get the point those few items can make a lot of things.

                  So you don’t feel trapped eating the same thing.

                  B.T.W. Consider browsing: Is it worth the money to have both a Costco membership and a Sam’s Club membership?

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                    Sometimes, doing meatless for a few meals helps. Do tofu or beans as your protein.

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                      I think you can actually do better if you shop store sales. I would pick two or three stores to scan regularly for the loss leaders and stock up when you can.

                      Also, the idea of doing meatless meals helps and avoiding processed foods which are usually expensive nutrient poor foods.

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                        We’ve just had tacos for 3 days in a row. Insurance premium is $1,705 for 6 months, 3 cars and a camper. We normally shop Costco and stick with their organic items which can be pricey. I try to make every ounce of food count.

                        Waste not, want not!

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                          Start now. Eat what you have in the pantry until it is depleted (even the things you are not fond of). Buy only necessities. Doing this for a while.

                          You will see what you really should buy. And do not go to shop hungry. And remember bulk isn’t better if it isn’t eaten repeatedly.

                          Give these a glance: I have wanted to use a rotisserie chicken carcass from Costco to make broth but never have!

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                            Plan some non-meat meals. There are numerous bean and grain dishes that are filling and affordable.

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                              Use everything in your pantry, fridge and freezer before you buy anything. Not only does it endorse less spending, it also ensures nothing expires or gets freezer burn. A kind of Spring cleaning with groceries

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                                Make a meal plan based on the ads. If you have a freezer stock up on sale meats and other items, you use often. Make things from scratch. When you go to store for milk and produce, stick with only what’s on your list.

                                Avoid convenience foods and eating out.

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                                  The problem with going to Costco is the initial outlay of money. If you try to eat everything that’s in the house first like you are planning on moving and can’t take it with you that starts out with no money spent.

                                  Then when you just can’t think of anything you can go to the least expensive store and just get no more than a couple of things to go with what you have left to make multiple meals.

                                  Casseroles are great because you can make a meal in one with very little meat.

                                  Additionally, consider: Best way for paying things in the States?

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                                    I have always shopped grocery sales. London broil on sale this week for $3.99 lb. I buy6 And freeze. Chopped meat on sale I buy make meat balls meat loaf taco meat . Chicken breast on sale prep and freeze. And on and on Add rice, dried beans , lentils , noodles Buy frozen vegetables on sale. Left over veg go in a plastic container in freezer. When full veg soup.

                                    Buy Costco chickens make dump and go crock pot meals Use bones and meat scraps and skin and make terrific broth.

                                    Right now looking on line to buy beef bones so I can make Demi glaze.

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                                      Beans, lentils, different grains, nuts, sandwiches, food banks:food giveaways, pantry or shelf stable items…we’re vegan and contrary to what folks think it’s not expensive. When you start buying foods that are convenient or processed foods, like the vegan burgers, etc etc yes it will become a bit much.

                                      But where there is a will there is a way. Keep at it, you find some good ideas.

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                                        I used to buy a pizza crust and add my own ingredients.

                                        At Costco you buy in bulk, get items not likely to spoil quickly or items you can freeze.

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                                          Shop online grocery adds for the best prices. Cook once a week, freeze soups, casseroles, and proteins like chicken, turkey, and ground beef. It’s much healthier and saves money.

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                                            I shop the weekly sales and stock up when things are less than regular price.

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