How much does a tailor charge to take in pants?

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      Hello hive mind… I have several good quality pants that need to be taken in as I’ve lost a lot of weight. Each pair was at least $60 and I’m debating between taking them to a seamstress and donating them and get more at the thrift store. How much does a seamstress/tailor charge these days? Thank you

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        I’d check in your area. However, when that happened with me, the seamstress told me it was a lot of work & would cost more than new ones. I don’t remember exact amount but it was going to be about $75 each.

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          Can you sew? I would start by asking a friend/husband to help me pin them. Put them on inside out, pin vertically then bast the seams and turn to try them on again. It’s something I can’t do on my own clothes but I do routinely for alterations.

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            I pay twenty dollars to have pants hemmed. I just had two dresses taken in from a 2x to a medium and it was $70 a dress.

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              What a lovely problem to have! As a former alterations seamstress, that can be a tricky job to do it correctly. I’m guessing that you’d be better off finding new pants and donating the old, too big pants.

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                Donate the pants and then get new ones from a thrift store. Alterations will cost more than the cost of a new pair of pants at a thrift store. To hem a pair of pants alone is usually at least $8.

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                  I bought a pair of jeans that were a bit too long. Jeans were nice quality, on sale around $20.

                  At a local tailor, quoted $20 for a simple hem

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                    It would take a lot of tailoring to take the pants in that much. It would be close to the price of new pants.

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                      This happened to me and since it was a couple of inches and I wear my shirts out I bought those snap on buttons. Cinched them right up, got on amazon. You can also easily do a dart in front or back yourself.

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                        Depends on area and the work needed, I would take to one and ask. Check local pages for your area and you should get recommendations of people who do a good job. For that price pants I’d have them altered.

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                          Do you have a Clothes Mentor or other resale store near you? Sell your too big nearly new pants, buy smaller ones. they only pay 4 or 5 bucks for yours but it helps with purchasing more. I sound like a commercial because I used to work at one and love the concept

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                            It depends on the pants, if they’re quality and well made it will be expensive. They will fit you flawlessly. Sometimes it’s worth it.

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                              My daughter had her pants professionally taken in at the waist. It didn’t work because the fabric is cut larger all over. You could put a slit in the waistband and run some elastic through it to see if that works. I do it all the time. It’s super cheap and takes less than 5 minutes. If it doesn’t work you’re not out that much ($1.50).

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                                I just take a tuck in the waistband. It’s not the “proper” way to do it … but it works. Measure how much you want to remove. Fold the pants with the center and side seam together, so it folds at the back pocket, pin a tuck for half that measurement in the waistband following that fold.

                                Do the same on the other side. Then sew those tucks into the waistband (obviously with the folded part on the inside.) The pockets will help hide the pleat from the fold. It takes at most 3 minutes to do this, if you have your sewing machine set up. And I’ve never found it uncomfortable. As long as you don’t have your shirt tucked in, no one can see it.

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                                  The cost will really depend on how much altering is needed. If it’s just a waist band adjustment it won’t be a lot but if the have to take in the legs or other things it will probably be more than the cost of the pants.

                                  If you really like them it wouldn’t hurt to bring them into the dry cleaners and speak with their seamstress for a quote.

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                                    Watch a video and try it yourself. I took out all the seam at the waist and both legs ansewed everything about 11/2in then try on. It took me about a week for one pair but the next one should be easier. If you have the time and a sewing machine try it.

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