How do you guys save on perfume?

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      As I’m entering my early/mid 20s I’m just now realizing that bath and body works sprays just aren’t cutting it! The scent doesn’t last and they don’t have any “mature-ish” scents.

      I have been using Scentbird to find scents I like without committing fully to an expensive bottle, but I have found a couple that I LOVE and I am ready to make that purchase. Just want to be as cheap as possible without skimping on quality.

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        Sign up for the perfume vendors’ elists- Places like Macys, Sephora, Ulta all have deals- right now, Mother’s Day specials. More bang for the buck. Be wary of EBay sales- and other discounters- sometimes, those are factory end runs or older perfume, which can lose potency. (Sometimes, they are a great deal!). If you have favorites, let your friends know- I have gotten miniature sets or gifts- and the scent does NOT work for me- happy to rehome them.

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          I never buy perfume or other scented stuff. It’s so bad for you. Perfumes make me sick. I also hate going to places and waiting in line with people who wear strong scented perfumes and colognes. There are a lot of people like myself who have strong reactions to perfumes, colognes etc.

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            I have alot of perfume I usually buy them off Fragrancenet when they have sales or I try to buy the testers if they’re available. Sometimes I’ll run across something I like at Marshalls or TJMaxx. Not sure why people who don’t wear perfume are even commenting on here.

            If you don’t wear it, good for you, that wasn’t even the question.

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              Fragrances aren’t good for you. You can spend $0 by not wearing them anymore. I also agree with the above comment that professionals don’t wear perfume.

              Actually, it’s banned in my office building due to a few people with fragrance allergies.

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                I don’t recall her asking anyone IF she should buy or wear perfume, so why are you inserting your personal opinion? Just answer the question or don’t 🤷‍♀️ It’s nobody else’s business whether or not SHE should purchase and wear perfume.

                Ulta is a great place to purchase it, since they offer coupons and they have a good selection. Plus, you can pick up samples.

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                  You may want to try going scent free. You’d be surprised how many people don’t like the smell of perfume… Just make sure you use a good anti-perspirant, again people don’t really like the smell of ‘perfume’.

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                    Perfume rules to live by:

                    When trying perfumes (preferably on a warm zone like wrist or inner elbow), wear at least 30 minutes before you see if you like it (scents change to mingle with your unique chemistry)

                    Buy larger bottles when you find what you love.

                    Such a better long term deal.

                    Go with the perfume only – the scent lasts longer.

                    Keep out of the sunlight and heat. It’s oils can turn in heat and sun.

                    Wear it just because, not because you are going out.

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                      My solution. Stop wearing it. I had a scent that didn’t trigger my own migraine, but, as I realized it could trigger someone else’s I just stopped. If you don’t have migraine, you have no idea what it could be doing to someone else. So, a great way to both save money and to be kind is just not to wear it. Thanks for considering.

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                        No perfume here! I work in the medical field and people can have allergies to perfumes, so I don’t ever wear them. Plus, my husband hates perfumes – he used to have a stinky friend in school who barely showered and would attempt to cover up his stench with cologne/perfume and so it’s very unappetizing for him.

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                          I don’t buy perfume. It saves me a lot of money. We use soap and water and bathe regularly. Swipe a dab of coconut oil and arrowroot powder in the armpits and good to go!

                          I am fragrance sensitive, especially to synthetic fragrances. I sometimes get migraines from someones cologne or perfume, sometimes it makes me nauseous, and sometimes I have trouble breathing – especially when someone puts on way too much of a fragrance or uses A strong scented fabric softener on their clothing.

                          I find it interesting that when people go to purchase perfume or cologne they smell the different scents to find one that they like. That means that there are bottles on the shelf of scents that they don’t like. So what you are wearing might stink or be offensive to somebody else’s nose but people don’t seem to consider how their choice of synthetic fragrance affects others.

                          I would suggest trying a mixture of coconut oil with essential oil, or just have one item with a fragrance in it. Nowadays people use scented soap/body wash, scented shampoo, scented conditioner, scented lotion, scented laundry soap, scented fabric softener and then they top all of those off with a body spray/cologne/perfume.

                          My best advice is – Save yourself money by not using any.

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                            I’m 60. When I got my first job I was 16. The one thing I have never scrimped on was my perfume. I started wearing Channel Number Ninteen and White Shoulders and wore those for many years until I turned 30 when I switched to Channel Number Five . After I turned 50 I started wearing Red Door as well.

                            I’m careful not to wear scents in places I shouldn’t but I have always enjoyed them- it’s one reason to be frugal, to be order to splurge in areas must meaningful to you! I probably haven’t been much help! My point is find something you like and enjoy it!

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                              My advice….Narrow it down to 2-3 signature scents that you love. I can’t keep it to one as much as if like to! Spend slightly more and get eau de parfum rather than toilette. More concentrated scent and lasts longer.

                              Commit to not buying more until you finish one. Mine last me a few years. Also check ebay, both to sell ones you don’t love, and to buy ones that someone else didn’t love but you do! I found my fav, which retails for 150, nearly full for 45!

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                                Ulta and Sephora will both sell you genuine products. I have heard that the ones you can get at discount stores that look the same as those nice brands may in fact be knock offs. Join there savings clubs and you can get offers for instants the last time I bought a bottle I had a coupon for $10 off.

                                Sephora will give you a few trial size products with an online order but alto will often have deals where if you buy philosophy perfume you get philosophy face wash and moisturizer for free the bottles are small but the products are very good. You can also accrue points with your purchase that you can use toward money off a future purchase.

                                Sometimes around the holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day they will also have an extra freebie with a fragrance purchase. Right now Ulta has a free tote bag with a fragrance purchase

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