What do you all do for passive income?

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      I’m interested in exploring different ways to generate passive income and I’d love to hear about what strategies or investments others are using. Whether it’s through rental properties, investments, online businesses, or other methods, I’m curious to know what has worked for you in generating passive income.

      Any tips, recommendations, or personal experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.


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        Buy thousands of companies on my phone while laying on the couch.

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          Currently my main source of passive income is owning a property management company. I guess it’s technically not passive but I get paid a lot of money per month for places that don’t require any attention.

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            I have bought tax deeds in Florida for 18%. I had several rental properties, not that I would call them passive, but great income streams, I have bought storage units for fun and sold a lot of furniture and personal items, and gave a lot away to charity. Never found anything worth too much money, although I did find some gold jewelry.

            I have propagated and sold plants. But what I really do for a passive income is I buy houses that need to be rehabbed.

            I move into them make them my primary residence and I take two or three years to renovate them and then I sell them. I don’t pay any capital gains on my profit.

            I’ve done this my whole life.

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              For the last 9 months my husband has been doing options spreads. He sets them up in the morning and closes them out by the end of the trading day. He says he’s making profit of about $300 / day. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but it brings in a nice steady income and because he closes out each day he sleeps well at night.

              I’m trying to understand what he’s doing but I’m going absolutely batty with the terminology and complexity of the whole approach.

              Still, for those that have a mind for that kind of approach it seems to be working.
              I should add that he is retired and receiving social security AND we live on the West Coast so trading starts at about 6 am and finishes by 1 pm so that leaves the rest of the day free for other pursuits.

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                Growing plants to sell. It takes just a little bit of extra work. I already grow for my own garden.

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                  1) Ignoring 99% of the “advice” dispensed on the internet.
                  2) especially ignoring predatory “bros” hawking annuities.
                  3) index funds that earn passive dividends that are reinvested bc anything you have to engage in regularly isn’t actually passive. VTSAX and RELAX. VGT and WHEEEEE.

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                    Delegation… Anything I delegate to another and make a profit on that labor is technically passive income.

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                      For passive 1099-INT, I do floating rate funds & corporate notes (8-11%) with higher monthly expense fees but can be liquidated anytime w/ backloaded fees, and 12 & 24-month real-estate notes (10%) for a large portion of my cash positions. (I stopped calling it savings, I call it ‘working’) So, essentially, you are a bank. IMO, FIRE folks need to increase their tool-kit set, because money market rates, CDs and T-bills aren’t going to be at 4-5% forever.

                      There’s more risk, but these aren’t stocks in the traditional sense.

                      Real-estate dividends is taking on too much leverage for my preference.

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                        Rental Properties managed by a property management company.

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                          Life insurance and retirement planning. All the training is provided in-house. And most people want/need to meet after work so evenings and weekends are perfect. And beyond all that, you are truly helping people and their families.

                          Let me know if you would like to know more!

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                            Multifamily residential real estate. This May, it will have been 30 years since I bought my first (investment) condo. There is NO WAY I could have achieved FIRE at my age without residential real estate.

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                              Single Family rentals in the Southeast. Not 100% passive but have PM in place.. It does take time upfront to research, do financial transactions (loans), and figure out your management system.

                              It’s essentially a small business but once up and running, it now only takes me few hours per month.

                              Given higher interest rates, it’s harder to cash flow with conventional loans.. need more cash down, pay in cash (potential to re-fi later), or creative financing techniques.

                              Worth a look: So my young (10) son wants to get into the passive income game and his first idea is to buy a vending machine

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                                Remodeled my basement apartment and AirBnB it out, hopefully will have a long term tenant here soonto make it a little less work and more passive.

                                Sell a digital copy of my own recipe books online.

                                Find free things on Facebook marketplace, fix and flip them for a profit.

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