Don’t forget to use your reward points!

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      So my husband got this credit card. It was his card so he managed it but I manage the finances so at some point I set up online access with my email address. The card had a promotion where it earned $200 in bonus points plus other points which my husband forgot about. Its been paid off and put away for a few months now.

      I just got an email that he had $278 in reward points. Was able to cash them in for $275 in gas cards – quite nice right about now.

      So don’t forget to use your reward points!

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        We take ours as a cash credit on our monthly statement, because I would forget to use it otherwise.

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          The rewards are the whole of the reason I have credit cards. Free money, you can bet I will not forget.

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            Give him the card for Father’s Day!

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              Never! I think I have about $700 in cash rewards between my cc and my plug ins – capital one and be frugal. Just in time for next month vacation.

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                Yes, way back I didn’t know what they were for so didn’t use them… they really added up. When I discovered their benefits, I had saved enough to pay for our hotel when we went on vacation.

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                  We gather up all our reward points from November 16-November 15 and that is our Christmas budget for the year. We do a great job at finding ways to really stretch those free points!

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