Massive win in Father’s Day

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      For father’s day recently I suggested we order in (stage 4 restrictions means we can’t eat out!) We looked a few options and realising most places were going to cost over $100 for all of us (family of 5) we decided to cook something ourselves.

      I asked him what a few of his favourite eat out dishes are and last night attempted Thai Green Curry and it was awesome! Only needed to buy a few items as we had most and the kids all ate it and liked it!

      So that’s a massive win!

      The most expensive items were the cashew nuts and green capsicum as I didn’t shop around due to restrictions but still so much cheaper than having bought out one meal.

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        And it was probably much healthier for you too! Well done.

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          And look at all the money you will save in the future.

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            We used to eat out several times a week, mainly due to our schedules (5 kids in sports). But now that we’re home, I’d rather cook at home. My kids have also started cooking too and I’m talking about some really good stuff too.

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              Told my husband I’d rather cook more at home and go to (or now take out) from “nice” place than buying cheap meh food.

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