Do you have any advice on getting the best deals at thrift shops?

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      Background: I have 4 kids- 14, 8, 5, and 3; everyone needs at least a few more items for summer, shorts, tee shirts, and sandals or water shoes. I can’t wait for garage sales around here in the Midwest.

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        Find out what day senior day is and take a senior neighbor, relative and ask them to pay using your money and you save 1/2. Over top any other mark downs.

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          I’ve found that thrift stores that support churches or hospitals are good.

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            Find a recently opened one that hasn’t been found by resellers, or one that isn’t a thrift ‘brand’ (goodwill, salvation army, etc.). Prices tend to be higher the more ‘well-known’ a thrift store is.

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              Once upon a child – if there’s one near you they do different sales days… sometimes even up to 40-50% off if you buy X number of items.

              So worth it!

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                We have a really small community closet in my town. They have $5 brown paper bag sales. There is actually always really great stuff in there! Maybe look for a small-town thrift shop.

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                  I look for summer stuff in the winter time! Winter in the summer. I have found the best clothes and brands. I had two stores where I would go shopping once a week.

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                    Go regularly, they put new stuff out every day, do they have sales, mine does a different colour is 75 percent off weekly. Market place people sell a huge box for cheap but.

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                      Some churches have clothing exchanges where everything is free. Perhaps call a few and ask?

                      They should be able to direct you. Otherwise, the salvation army has things for 99 cents if you get the right color tag for the day.

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                        Look for no. There’s a thrift store and a town near me that you feel the bag for usually that bag is a 13 gallon trash bag. Sometimes it’s a brown paper sack, but it’s still a lot of stuff for $5 if you can fill it full

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                          The goodwill near me has 1$ days on Sundays… anything a specifcolor is only a dollar me and my kids love it…my son (17) not so much but my girls (8,15 &20) are always down to go to see what they can get!

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                            Some thrift stores have weekly sales, some offer coupons when you donate, some have seniors days and student discounts, some have clubs you can sign up for and get emailed coupons and sales.

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                              All these are good advice, but I’ll add couple more tips. Local moms. There might be a local moms Facebook page for your town. Often, they list clothes, or you can ask hey you got any size 10 kids girl clothes, etc.

                              People often love to donate them.

                              Next tip is local churches.

                              They often have giveaway days with free clothes.

                              Look on websites, ask those local sites if any churches or other organizations are doing this.

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                                I like different thrift stores for different reasons. There’s a st Vincent DePaul in a nearby town that I go to for clothes, that one has the best prices on clothes. Then I like other thrift stores if I’m looking for things.

                                Not all the st Vincent DePauls in my area have these great prices on clothes.

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                                  Some thrift shops will email coupons if you sign up for a their email list.
                                  I frequently get $ or % off coupons.
                                  Also if they have a Facebook page – follow it so you know if they post a sale.

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                                    I’ve gotten lots of good deals on FB market place, just bought a Baggallini cross body bag (retail $95) for $15, NWT. Also look for local Buy Nothing groups on FB. You can ask for clothing, or look to see if people are offering clothing. I’ve also had great success going to the Salvation Army, they have six different tag colors, and each week they have a sale on three different colors, one of them is 99 cents, the other two are half price.

                                    The sales are only for clothing and linens (towels, bedsheets, blankets, etc,) but really add up.

                                    Last week, I got five sweaters and a set of cotton queen sized sheets for 99 cents each. Total cost if they weren’t on sale was thirty nine dollars, instead of the six dollars I paid. There are great deals there!

                                    I think all of the SA stores do this, but check first. Colors change on Monday.

                                    Good luck!

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