Frugal Beauty Hack: Maximizing Liquid Makeup Usage

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      I am frugal to a fault. Liquid makeup bottles use it til it empties, but did you know you can still get 4-5 uses? Turn it upside down on a clean glass surface, and you’ll get several uses. But then, run a little Hot water in the bottle and shake vigorously. There will appear a foamy substance that you can shake out of the bottle, along with the water. Discard the water. This foamy stuff is useable! It colors and covers adequately. Then, do it again. You will get several more applications.

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        I make my own BB cream. I tint a mixture of facial lotion with sunscreen, with foundation. It goes on so much more smoothly and accomplishes 3 things at once. You’ll geta more natural youthful appearance than with only applying the thick heavy foundation.

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          You actually could pinch a penny into a dime. Good on you!

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            I’ve been using a Qtip to scrape the sides of my bottle. I’ve gotten quite a bit!

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              Great idea!

              I turn everything upside down as I can get days and even weeks more out of some things but I haven’t thought of adding the hot water. I do do that with my shampoo tho. Also I add a drop of sterile saline to my mascara when it seems done and shake it up. I’m getting extra weeks out of it with no difference.

              Well actually it was too thick getting old so it’s actually better!

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