Should I pay off my vehicle quicker or trade it for a larger one now?

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      Vehicle advice please! I had to rush into a vehicle as my previous became undriveable. I got it roughly 8 months ago and it doesn’t have enough room for my family. We make it work but if we have to pack anything or bring an extra person we have to use my husbands vehicle.

      I currently owe $7k more than its worth on an 84 month loan. We could handle an extra $100-$200 a month on payment so do I just pay this vehicle off quicker or down to what I can get for it? Or do i just switch it out for a larger vehicle now? I would then need an 84 month loan again?

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        I drive a 2005 cobalt ss supercharged 2 door. With 2 car seats in the back. My family is hounding me on needing a bigger car. It’s paid off so I say nope lol.

        I’ll save up for another car cash hopefully in the next 5 years.

        I would say make it work until you pay it off.

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          Could you get a roof carrier on it to be able to pack things in. Not much you can do being $7k u tee water unless you have the cash to pay the difference when trading it in.

          You don’t want to roll that to a new loan.

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            Is it a need or a want? Need is the car is repeatedly needing repairs so not available for use or not working at all. Want is it would be nice to have more seats available and more storage. Buy a roof mounted cargo bin for storage.

            Tell family members to bring they own vehicle because yours only accomodate your family.

            And your family isn’t going to die from being a little cramped.

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              Pay off the car keep it.. Make it work. Unless there are more people than seats in the car you should be able to make it work!

              Good luck

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                If you use your husband’s vehicle is it because it’s larger? If so, switch cars with him. If not just continue to pay it off and put the extra 200 that you were gonna use on another car and pay it off faster with less interest accrued.

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                  I would prioritize paying it down because you don’t want to be upside down on a vehicle if something happens to it, but I also agree with keeping it and trying to make it work instead of replacing it and taking on ANOTHER loan as soon as you pay this one off.

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