What are some frugal things you guys do that don’t require a ton of time?

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      Hello everyone, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money without sacrificing too much time. I’m curious to know what frugal habits or practices you’ve incorporated into your lifestyle that are both effective and time-efficient. Whether it’s a small change in your daily routine or a clever money-saving tip, I’m eager to hear your insights.

      From meal planning strategies to energy-saving techniques, I’m interested in learning about any practices that have helped you cut costs without consuming a significant amount of your time. Perhaps you have some creative ideas for DIY projects, thrifty shopping habits, or budget-friendly entertainment options that you’d like to share.

      Your experiences and suggestions could be incredibly valuable to others who are looking to adopt more frugal habits in their own lives. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your insights and tips!

      Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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        • Eat leftovers.
        • Stay home.
        • Hang laundry outside.
        • Group errands together.
        • Grocery pick up.
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          Free books on Libby and Hoopla. Eat leftovers. Limit eating out. Cut dryer sheets in half.

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            Just say N.O.” Neccesary Only”.

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            AP White

              Let my hair air dry, sign up for gas station rewards to save 20 cents per gallon at the pump, make overnight oats for breakfast, grow sprouts in a jar, make my own dishwashing liquid and cleaning solutions from Sal Suds and water, it takes 30 seconds, it’s healthier and non toxic and saves me a ton of money.

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                Use bar soap, make homemade cleaning products, use Foca laundry detergent, use cotton cloth napkins instead of paper, use cleaning cloths instead of paper towels, handkerchiefs instead of tissues. Use it up to the last drop.

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                  I unsubscribe to all emails and snail mail catalogs to buy things (Nordstrom, Costco, Eddie Bauer, etc). This is an ongoing process especially around the holidays. Not tempted to buy junk.

                  I keep a basic grocery list with the staples and items I know I actually use/eat and shop from it.

                  Sometimes, even ordering on line and picking it up so I don’t wander the isles while items jump into my cart.

                  Useful: Frugal suggestions for better TV antenna reception in rural areas?

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                    Take camp showers, turn off water when washing hands, and brushing teeth, let my dogs do the pre wash for the dish washer.

                    Use small fans next to the floor vents to circulate the air better.

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                      Order water at a restaurant.

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                        I buy kleenex and use instead of toilet paper. I find it easier to use less.

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                          Tidy my tiny home daily and when I clean the house it takes so little time. Tiny houses rock!!

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                            We got a bidet for about 30 dollars and about 100 small hand towels for about 50 dollars. We keep all the clean ones in a cute basket next to the toilet and all the damp ones go in a laundry basket. We used to spend about 20 dollars per week on TP, so this saves us about a thousand dollars per year. We also both feel cleaner.

                            In the winter, I crack the oven door after I bake anything.

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                              Hahahaha I stay home!

                              Seriously we spend most of our lives paying for a home and accumulating all our stuff, only to “go out”. I love my home it’s a peaceful beautiful haven.

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                                Keep the thermostat down to 57 degrees at night in the winter. Do not use air conditioning until the outside temperature is over 85 degrees.

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                                  Meal plan according to what’s on sale for the week. Limit dining out, cancel cable and just stream with internet and utube Tv subscription. Order grocery pick up so no impulse shopping through store.

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                                    I try to make efficient use of resources and not be wasteful. For example, I use less laundry detergent than the manufacturer recommends, repurpose leftovers, make a lot of soup with the bits and bobs in the fridge, etc.

                                    It becomes second nature.

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                                      Use credit cards that have great rewards plans. I put all my groceries, gas, online purchases and anything else on the card, pay it off every month and use the rewards for stuff like travel or even cash back rewards.

                                      I never pay interest bc I pay the balance every month. This also protects me from identity fraud. Yes, someone can get their hands on my credit card number and make unauthorized charges but it’s not my money they are stealing- it’s the bank’s. So the banks makes it right and go after the perp.

                                      If using your debit card anywhere but inside your bank’s ATM (inside the bank), you risk someone getting access to your checking and savings account. Yes, many banks are good at getting on top of it and making you whole again but they don’t have to. And they may not do it very quickly and in the mean time you may not have access to your funds and some checks may have bounced- bigger hassle to clean up.

                                      Credit card rewards plans are free money!

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                                        Use a drying rack,cook from scratch ( but that does take time), cook large quantities of dried beans at one time, then freeze in 1 1/2 cup bags ( that’s equal to a can of beans) and then they are always ready, pack lunches when we travel so no need for restaurant eating, turn out lights and unplug chargers.

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                                          Meal plan based on sale ads, cook from scratch (frugal & healthier) hang dry clothes, walk, no paper towels, little free library, fb buy nothing especially to give things away, know the difference between want & need. Lower the thermostat in winter (we had a couple unseasonably cool days) & wear a sweater. Eat less meat.

                                          Grow herbs in pots.

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                                            I do a lot of grocery pick up so I don’t walk through the isles at the store and impulse buy, it makes it much easier to stick with my list! I also shop in bulk and only grocery shop every other week (weekly for fresh fruits, veggies, milk, and bread). I used to only grocery shop once a month but now that my kids are a little bit bigger, it’s a little harder to do!

                                            I buy the big bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and once they are “empty” (a.k.a. you can no longer get product with the pump), I cut the bottles open and put the product in a new bottle. I actually just did the math the other night and it takes 7 “empty” shampoo bottles to completely fill up a new bottle!

                                            We wash everything on cold, and we use white vinegar with a few little drops of fabric softener in the laundry (the fabric softener is just for the smell, the vinegar makes clothes so much softer). By doing this, I only buy fabric softener twice a year.

                                            I do a meal menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), limit my kids to hot lunch once per week (we have to pay for hot lunch and I believe it’s about $3.70 per hot lunch), and grocery shop sale items.

                                            I also use reward programs through the stores and gas stations, fetch, Ibotta and upside. That’s my Christmas money.

                                            During the summer, I have a huge garden and I water it early in the morning.

                                            We have two kids in Baseball and rather than purchasing food and drinks at the concession stand, we pack a cooler with snacks, lunch and drinks. 

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                                              I understood your question to be about “time” not money.

                                              For enjoyment, I read, write, do puzzles or watch a TV program for whatever length of time I choose.

                                              I can take a short walk or exercise for a short period. The classes at the YMCA, where I go are usually no longer than one hour.

                                              I am thinking of joining Fred Astaire dance studio and their classes are 45 minutes long.

                                              I can call a friend for a short, pleasant conversation.

                                              I love thrifting; I decide how long I want to be out of the house doing this.

                                              If we are taking about household things, I make meals that take no longer than 30 minutes.

                                              I break down housework into smaller time periods.

                                              I order groceries and have them delivered or I pick them up, whichever is better at the time.

                                              I do attend church. Bible study is one hour and church service is no longer than one hour and fifteen minutes. I take one other Bible class during the week that is one hour and a half long.

                                              If this is not what you meant, my apology.

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                                                Cook dried beans, lentils, legumes, grains in my instapot. So easy and you can have previously soaked beans in 9-12 min. depending on the bean. You can toss all dry ingredients in a pot for soup or stew, delay start, and have a hot dinner at the end of the day.

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                                                  Air-dry my clothes, use only data instead of buying wifi too, buy thrifted clothes, rent books and DVDs, pack a lunch at least half the days of the week if not every day, make coffee at home, and use Target circle for deals and rewards points.

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                                                    I buy rotisserie chickens at Sams…pick them clean & foods average the meat in 1/2lb packs..freeze. Take the carcass add onion & celery & water boil it down for broth, freeze in 1c amounts.

                                                    I then took the carcass will put the softened bones, skin & any remaining meat in my blender & making dog treats.

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                                                      Do stuff at home instead of going out. If you go out do free stuff like hiking, going to parks, etc. Eat leftovers, I got a massive $16 burrito and ate on it for four days -$4 dinners. Lots of pasta dishes as those are pretty cheap.

                                                      If you take medicine sometimes goodrx is cheaper than a copay, if your pets get meds send the scripts to a human pharmacy (a lot of times that’s cheaper, my kitties inhaler is $35 cheaper at Walgreens).

                                                      If you can use dry shampoo to stretch out your actual shampoo, my leave in spray conditioner lasts me twice as long as regular conditioner and is only $3 more.

                                                      Buy summer clothes in the fall, winter clothes in the spring.

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