Frugal suggestions for better TV antenna reception in rural areas?

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      Any of you that live in very rural areas, use a TV antenna and have real problems with reception like me? Do any of you have frugal suggestions for me to receive better reception?

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        We live in Maine and use an antenna primarily for when we lose power. WE can watch tv with our generator on…otherwise we stream for TV with our Wi-Fi. Some roof antennas are better than others and you can check their range. It might be where you have it placed on your roof?

        I know when the leaves are on the trees, I get some channels that don’t come in…it is definitely something you have to play with as far as location…

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          Do you have an amplifier on it? Is it by a window or high enough space? You can also get an outdoor antenna. Also what’s the mile range on it? Some have higher capabilities

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            Try moving the antenna. Mine was sitting on the table beside the TV and one day we realized raising it up about 6” made a huge difference.

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              You might need a better antenna. I use a Clearstream 4MAX. It was around $170 at Best Buy but it works great.

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                I live in a rural area and it works great. It depends on your actual area.

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                  Can you buy a Firestick off Amazon and stream free channels instead using your internet service?

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                    My antenna is on top of the roof attached to a post left by a satellite dish. The only time I have trouble is when it’s rainy and windy hard. It’s from one of the branch stations out of Columbus. And that’s because of where it’s coming from.

                    I get channels that are their sister stations very good.

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                      I don’t live in a rural area but my neighborhood is in a hole. Ha! Tried but cannot get anything so I just use fire stick and then fire stick my local city news I use live feed on Facebook

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