Anybody in their 20s with 100k or more in savings? How did you do it? Any tips?

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      Are you a twenty-something with a substantial savings stash of $100k or more? Share your success story and advice! I’m seeking insights from fellow young savers who have achieved impressive financial milestones. How did you accumulate such savings at a relatively young age?

      Whether it’s through smart budgeting, savvy investing, side hustles, or other strategies, your experience can inspire and educate others. Feel free to offer tips, tricks, and lessons learned along the way.

      Let’s empower each other to build a secure financial future in our twenties and beyond!

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        Spend below your means and invest everything extra you can. Don’t be afraid of being different then the people that surround you. If something doesn’t align with your financial goals, say no and be okay with it.

        Freedom will come sooner than you think.

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          I was fortunate enough to earn 70k+ right after college with any student loans. I lived with my parents for like 5 years while saving over 50% of my income into the S&P index. I hit 100k after almost 3 years & hit 200k 2 years after that. Compounding interest was magical.

          My tip would be to simplify your life & prioritize your spending. I do spend on traveling abroad & dining out once a week. Otherwise, I’m stinking cheap when it comes to buying almost everything else.

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            When I was 28 I had $100k in investments. My first career job out of college had me making $48,000 in 2001 at 23. It took me five years by saving and investing in my 401k, plus the match and the interest from the investments.

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