What is the best way to sell some of my items?

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      It’s a bit of everything not only clothes. Not a big fan of Facebook marketplace.

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        I have been downsizing by giving my sister boxes of stuff.
        She sells weekly at a outside swap meet.
        Tables and tables of vendors.

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          Once upon a child buys kids clothes, shoes toys or platos closet buys popular brand clothing and shoes.

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            On Facebook, search yard sales without a yard, buy/sell/barter pages in your town and surrounding towns. It’s not Marketplace, so it won’t get lost in the sheer vastness of the platform.

            Join the groups with a sizeable of members. A group with 3000 members is better than a group with 800 members.

            Don’t join public groups. Only join private ones. There will be less spam because real people are monitoring them.

            Also, check out: How do you guys go about selling expensive items on Facebook marketplace?

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              If you’re willing to ship you can do eBay, poshmark, or Mercari. Otherwise you will likely get more for your items on Facebook marketplace versus a garage sale.

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                I prefer poshmark over eBay even though they have higher fees, its less hassle and you don’t have to worry about shipping cost. I’ve sold clothing, accessories, housewares, toys etc. Just make sure items are 5lbs or under otherwise you incur an extra shipping charge.

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                  I have found a couple local groups (Buy it now and auction type) on Facebook where you post your items for sale and then have a meet up at designated place at the same time (30 minute window) weekly. The two I use meet at a church and at the police station.

                  It’s nice because everyone meets in one place, one time for all their transactions for the week, opposed to trying to meet up with various people at various places and times.

                  Maybe you could find a group like that near you, if that interests you?

                  Don’t forget to take a look at: Lots of clothes that I no longer wear – What would be the best way to sell these?

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                    I wish that worked here. I just send a big box to my daughter and she gives to kidney foundation and I get the write off. Not much but here I have been cheated so many times. Always put exact description, how old, size, wear, price negotiable.

                    People agree we meet and they say “o forgot my money” or they take and then will want to refund because they ARENT a size ___ or it’s the wrong shade of blue or whoever they bought it for didn’t like it. etc. too much hassle.

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                      I have had quite a bit of success with marketplace, but only after I get rid of the first responders, asking for my cell phone number.

                      I’ve tried eBay, but only for things that can be mailed easily like comic books.

                      It does help if you have your items in a storage unit where you can meet people, openly, and store things easily but of course that’s not very frugal if you’re looking to save money, good luck.

                      Would you also like to explore: Where have you all had luck selling recently?

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                        Depending on what you have there are numerous Facebook pages or I should say groups that sell…..like I sell primitives.. So, I typed in primitive sale groups in bar up top and they all came up…I asked to join…it’s simple and lot safer as most sale groups vet people.

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                          eBay, Poshmark, Mercari – yes, you have to pay fees but those fees are the price you pay for gaining access to millions of millions of buyers all over the country and in eBay’s case, the world. There are good FB groups to help you with reselling.

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