Is 6% commission fair for selling a condo?

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      I’m trying to sell my condo and am in the beginning stages. Real estate agent is offering 6% compensation to be paid to broker plus my state’s gross receipt tax. Is this a fair deal? Or should I try to negotiate lower?

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        I feel like I do enough work to make my house market ready that I would not give the full 6 percent. I negotiate every single time and my house has tended to be under contract by the first weekend.

        You do need amazing pictures and a realtor that answers the phone.

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          I’d sell it on your own and get an attorney.

          The way things are today the houses are selling so fast all the realtors doing is listing it they’re selling themselves People go on Zillow and redefine and look for houses it’s So simple why am I going to give a realtor $30,000 to sell my house in 3 days or a week how much work have they really done or will do unfortunately some people don’t like to hear this but it is the truth.

          & Don’t miss: I do plan to sell my current condo & want to buy a new house – I’d welcome any and all thoughts

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            That is a standard commission in our area as well (6%).

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              For now, sadly yes. But soon, relative term with court cases, this may finally change. Try to determine what value you get for tens of thousands of dollars, if you like to torture yourself with a lot of bad answers to that question. Good luck on selling the home and putting that cost behind you.

              It’s sadly the best thing we all can do until this fee debacle is changed.

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                Every real estate commission is negotiable. That said, many brokers and brokerages operate on a take it or leave it level of negotiation. I sell houses for less than 6% regularly and everyone ends up happy.

                You may have to keep looking, but you can find it.

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                  Very standard. You can find a realtor taking less but they’ll market it less and it prob won’t get as high a price.

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                    6% is standard. Go with Flat Fee, they charge less. But you get what you pay for. My realtor has been so busy helping us get our home in the market. She dropped 1% for friends and family discount.

                    So, 5%. Try to negotiate.

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