AT&T vs. T-Mobile home internet for family of 5?

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      Looking to switch internet providers. AT&T is up to $85 per month. T-Mobile is offering internet for $50. Talked with a rep from AT&T who offered to lower my bill only slightly or reduce speed which would lower my bill.

      He warned that T-Mobile internet was slower and would not be suitable for our situation. (We are a family of 5 with 2 computers, roku TV, laptop and ipad).

      I realize that is his job, to discourage me from switching. Has anyone made the switch? Is so, are you happy with your service? Any regrets?

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        Internet providers are only as good as the signal in your area.

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          I currently have a an open complaint filed with the FCC against T-Mobile…..just say NO! Spend more money if you need to, just avoid them.

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            AT&T is better. We’ve done T-mobile , then AT&T and now Verizon! Can’t wait to be able to go back to AT&T after this 2 yr contract.

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              I have T-Mobile 50$ a month. I have had several devices going at once. No issues.

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                T-Mobile internet is not the same internet as AT&T. T-Mobile internet is really like using wireless data and AT&T is actual internet.

                If you don’t have good wireless service at your house with T-Mobile you will not have very good success using their service to replace your internet.

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                  AT&T told me two separate times they’d lower my bill. Can’t trust anything they say. They never did lower my bill, not once! I won’t use AT&T – they lie!

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                    Look into the prepaid plans with AT&T as thinking they had a 50 or 60 plan.

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                      I recommend going with T-Mobile home internet. You can check their website to see how strong their signal is at your house.

                      I agree, AT&T is just trying to discourage you from leaving their company.

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                        I have Verizon internet which is very similar to T-Mobile, I run 2 Roku tvs, a MacBook, iPad and several Alexa devices just fine.

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                          I had T-Mobile for a while in a desperate attempt to save money. They let me use the router for a week to see if the signal was good enough to work. I live nearby the store that sold it to me.

                          It worked decent enough during that week, but then got spottier consistently worse over time.

                          I couldn’t get service to just my iPad a lot of times and I couldn’t ever use 2 TV’s at a time.

                          I ended up switching to a local wireless internet provider, Sparklight, and I finally have decent internet.

                          I ended up qualifying for free internet through them because of my income. It’s only 100 mgps but I can have 2 TV’s going plus an iPad and laptop and it actually works so much better than T-Mobile. Comcast is in my area, and several people have told me their service is worse than T-Mobile.

                          But Sparklight has worked well for me.

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                            Everyone is going up! Only thing is. Those specials where you get it for 50 a month for a year. Well when that time is up. You’ll get a big increase. Then there you go trying to find cheaper again. It’s such a mess.

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                              I have had T-Mobile for almost 4 years now. Never had an issue. Family of 4 here. 2 laptops, smart phones, 3 smart TV’s, PlayStation, and a switch.

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                                I switched to T-Mobile and it was horrible. I cancelled during the free trial and they still charged my account (theft in my opinion since we didn’t have the service) switched to Verizon ($70) and it works for streaming tv, an iPad a couple phones and a computer. I think if you have their phone service it’s cheaper.

                                T-Mobile might work but if not it’s a 25-minute hold before customer service answers and can’t help you.

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