Do we ever break the frugality mindset?

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      Our minivan has a bad lock actuator which currently has one of the sliding doors permanently locked shut until the actuator gets replaced. I called a shop and got an estimate and was quoted $550 to replace it. I consider myself mechanically inclined and after watching a couple how tos on YouTube I could fix this myself at home with a few hours of work. The part is $25 on Amazon.

      We have the money and it would not hurt us in anyway to take it to the shop and pay for it to be fixed, but I struggle to make that choice when I know I can save several hundred dollars and fix it myself with half a day of work and $25.

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        I tend to do my own work because I enjoy fixing cars and saving money.

        I also like to involve my kids in minor repairs to begin to show them how to do stuff yourself and give them the confidence to try stuff.

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          Is half a day/full day worth more or less than $550 to you?

          $550 at 4% is $1.83/month. Not a huge life changer one way or another.

          I’m not shy about outsourcing. Especially now that I’m retired, I like supporting nearby businesses to help keep them afloat. This isn’t necessarily a good reason to do it, but it aligns with my goals.

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            I still change my own oil and do most of my own preventive maintenance. I like saving the dollars, but at some level I like turning the wrenches too.

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              If they are quoting you $550, that is probably $200 for the part, 2 hours of labor @ $150/hr, plus taxes and fees.

              If they are quoting 2 hours, you can probably do it in 1 hour, and you get the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

              No way I would pay someone $550 to break all the tabs/clips on my door card, when you can do that yourself for free.

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                There is non-monetary value in learning/knowing how to fix things.

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                  Depends. Will it cause you stress and make you unhappy? Then pay.

                  Will you find it fun and have a great sense of satisfaction? Do it yourself.

                  Do you have the tools? (Prybars shims for clips, etc.)

                  If you already have tools, take a day to disassemble the door then decide if you want to do the work.

                  I’ve replaced entire windows in my car.

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                    I break the frugality mindset for things that are important for me to spend money on.

                    Paying more for a door lock isn’t one of those things. Very impressive you can fix this!

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                      I see this as wisdom not frugality.

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                      Ed Hoch

                        I look at it as this. I could fix it myself and spend a few hours and $$, or I could take it to the shop, sit around for a few hours waiting for them to fix it.

                        Either way it costs me time.

                        I also get satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment fixing things.

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