Where to buy tent/advertising materials for farmer’s market?

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      Hi guys, sorry if off topic but I want to participate in my farmer’s market and was wondering if anyone did the same before and where did you buy the tent/ advertising material,/banner from? Thank you so much!

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        I found my tables in our local buy nothing groups. Pop ups are a little harder to find free, but it’s a nominal cost to purchase one. If you have a police/fire person in your life, EZ Up offers a discount. Although, I always needed a second hand with mine.

        Whatever you do, don’t buy a cheap one from Amazon or Costco. Those will be dead after one season if markets, and maybe even before the end of the season depending on how many markets you attend.

        Also, be sure you know your market costs. Some of in the hundreds, and you have to have the product to support the fee. I’m not sure what you’re selling, but if it’s not a FULL display every time, it will underwhelm buyers. As they say, “pile it high, and watch it fly!”

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          Canva- you can design a logo, print, upload logo, etc. and they sell banners.

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            I put an iso out for a tent- someone offered one to me for free and I did give them some wares I was selling (we sell meat).

            I also know someone who asked to borrow for the summer and got one because the people mostly used it for tailgating in the fall!

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              If you’re brand new I’d keep it as cheap as possible. See how sales are before you start buying fancy tents or signs etc.

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                My daughter got her tent and tablecloths on Amazon. She got her baskets (she is a baker) at TJ Maxx. She got business cards at VistaPrint.

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