Which HYSA has the highest interest rate and easy access to funds?

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      Can you recommend HYSA and what’s the current interest they offer. Also convienience of accessing the money. I saw capital one for 4.47% if I am not mistaken.

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        I have Synchrony with a 4.64 interest rate & 4.75% APY. It is super easy to transfer to and from, but I also have a ATM card for emergencies that can’t wait in the transfer.

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          NerdWallet keeps a list of these, they update it every month.

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            Use a money market at your brokerage and get off the HYSA merry-go-round. And if you don’t have a brokerage account, open one up at Fidelity tomorrow.

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              I don’t think it makes sense to just look for the highest interest rate… I’d look for a decent rate and that fits your needs otherwise.

              Marcus and Ally are both highly recommended so I’d start there.

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                I use a Fidelity brokerage account. The cash just sitting there is automatically in currently a 4.96% money market.

                Also have my checking there as well. Their brokerage accounts have debit cards, bill pay, check writing, ach direct deposit.

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                  Betterment is at 5% for their cash reserve account. I’ve become a big fan, using their roboadvisor for investments as well as their checking account for the fee-reimbursed ATM withdrawals (including reimbursements overseas).

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                    Wealthfront. 5% now and 0.5% boost for 3 months if you sign up with someone’s code. You can keep getting the 0.5% boost as long as other people sign up with your link. I’ve been getting 5.5% for several months now. Who knows how long this will last though!

                    I move everything over from Ally and am happy with them.

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