Should I switch to a high-yield savings account (HYSA)?

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      I have seen many posts that mention HYSA interest rates and I am torn between sticking with my current rate 4.3% or opening an account with another bank that has a higher rate. Any suggestions? Thanks

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        Capital One. I Shift money between them and Chase as needed. Also, Capital One is better for internal travel if that is your thing.

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          If the fed dropped rates in the later half of the year like they’re suggesting, they will all drop your HYSA as well. The highest, online only type bank’s will be the first to drop their interest rates.

          If you can afford to lock up yet money for a little while, it might actually start making sense to buy CD’s and lock in a rate.

          Consider browsing: HYSA with debit card as checking account? Wealthfront vs. alternatives?

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            My rate is 4.6% but I don’t care about the hassle for a higher one. I only have it for my emergency savings only, so the few extra dollars per year is not worth it.

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              4.3 % is fine in today’s rates. As long as your bank is consistently pretty close to the top of the current market, you’re fine. Not worth moving around all the time.

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                I use Marcus and love them! My rate right now is at 5.6% with bonuses and that’s the highest I’ve found anywhere.

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                  Talk to your bank first. My bank will match any other banks rate.

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                    Use a financial calculator to see much much of a difference it makes and then decide.

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                      10 basis points (0.1%) means an extra $1/year for every $1,000 you have in the account. Unless you have lots of money there, it’s likely not gonna be material.

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