How do you maintain motivation after reaching $100k in investments, excluding property?

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      Just reached $100k in investments excluding my house! How do you all stay motivated to keep going when you see that you have a big chunk of cash in the bank?

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        Because I know $100k isn’t going to do much for me in the long run.

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          If it’s invested, it’s not cash in my head. It’s an investment and those are long term.

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            I have the bank issue it to me in $1 bills on a Friday. Take them home and roll around naked in them all weekend, then return them on Monday.

            My motivation is to use $5 bills next time and work up from there.

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              What do you mean, “in the bank”… Surely you didn’t just amass $100k in a bank account without investing it.

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                Because at some point people who make it to $100k generally switch from a spending mentality to a saving one. It really cemented it for me once my returns started being equal to my normal income. And every year that number goes up.

                Very motivating.

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                  You realize that it’s not actually that much.

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                    For a sports analogy, nice work, but the game isn’t over. You scored a goal, so now work on you next goal. You can’t pull your team off the field now.

                    The other team is still playing (interest rates, life expenses, health care costs, etc.) and if you stop now, your goal won’t be enough by the end of the game.

                    Get back in there and score another!

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                      Invest in Vanguard- total stock market index- you will not be dissapointed.

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                        Don’t get deceived by those figures, people make way more and it’s not so difficult to loose all $100k. Congrats on your first meterstone.

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                          For so many years, my goal was to get out of debt and create a savings account of $15K, as a safety net. I also had minimum net worth goals.

                          When I finally hit those numbers, there was a time when I felt a lack of motivation. I had those numbers as my goals for so long.

                          My advice is to celebrate the victory of the $100K goal that you had set. It is a huge accomplishment.

                          But then take some time to come up with a new set of goals. It might take you a minute to come up with them. That’s ok.

                          But once you create new goals that you believe in, it can set you for your next phase of effort.

                          To me it was having the monthly streams of income exceed my monthly spending. Then it became enough income to support the basic needs and a luxurious travel budget.

                          It is at that time you are living an awesome FIRE lifestyle.

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                            That isn’t going to let you retire for too long maybe 3 or 4 years depending on your expenses.

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                              I’m not working to an endpoint, for me it’s the journey. I was happy with 1k in savings and now 20 years late with lots more zeros, still happy. For me the lifestyle of building wealth and creating more than I consume IS the goal.

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                                Celebrate this milestone (within reason) and then set your sights on new goals and new heights. The 2nd $100k comes quicker if you keep at it.

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