We want to save for a family trip to Hawaii. I was wondering if anyone had any money saving tips or tricks

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      We are going to try and go during December.

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        This isn’t frugal information so fee free to skip.

        I traveled to Hawaii once and was as frugal as possible. I have always wished that I had been less concerned about money and more concerned with the experience. Decide what you can afford to spend and spend it doing what you want to do.

        For me it was a once in a lifetime experience and I regret spending so much time tracking how much my sandwich cost or other things like that.

        It is expensive! For once in my life I wish I had embraced the moment.

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        Kj Mushovic

          Every time you are tempted to eat out or grab fast food, remind yourself that you are taking away from the restaurant budget for Hawaii. I don’t know if you’ve been there before, but there will be so much food you will want to explore there.

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            Then for extra spending money I had a shoe box under my bed, whenever I had money left at the end of the week after all was paid etc.

            I threw it in the shoe box. Hubby had no idea, the week of our trip came and he was like babe we can’t go, the trip is paid for but we have nothing extra to spend or anything. I pulled my shoe box out and dumped it on the bed I had $700, and we went.

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              Hawaii isn’t a real frugal kind of place. Once in Hawaii go to Costco and buy food drinks etc. avoid eating out there if possible.

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                My frugal tip on any vacation is to go to Walgreens for souvenirs. Walmart sometimes too. St. Pete’s beach, a few years ago, I got so many that I looked at from the shops and paid a third of the price.

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                  Oahu has a swap meet on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays unless it’s changed (I live here) and that’s the best place to pick up souvenirs. People say grab the city bus for a nice trip around the island. Ask bus driver about transfers and when the last bus for the night operates. Our new tram starts up June 30 th if you want to experience that. We have Costco and Sam’s Club if you want to pick up food and cheap lunches.

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                    A lot of good suggestions on here. For me, however, Hawaii would likely be a once in a lifetime trip and I would not want to scrimp on anything I really want to enjoy.

                    For instance, avoiding eating out. Maybe plan for one meal a day eating out and the rest in your hotel room/condo.

                    Even it means waiting a longer amount of time to actually take the trip in order to spend what I want, I would rather do that and have the funds to really enjoy the vacation than to go and have to be extremely frugal!

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                      When are you going? What’s the cost? Divide the cost by how many weeks til then and that’s how much you have to save. Work out your budget from there.

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                        Save all change. Or save all one dollar bills. Or auto deposit straight from your check. If you don’t see it you won’t miss it.

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                          Calculate the amount you will need; by the time you have left up until the trip, divide by how many pay periods left, and put that away each paycheck at the very least. When you can put extra do it so you have some extra too.

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                            Open up a savings account and have a certain amount deducted monthly from your paychecks that will go straight to it. We’re sending our son on a school education trip to France this summer, and were able to make monthly payments doing this. It was out of sight, out of mind.

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