Best auto and renters insurance in California for non-USAA members?

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      I’m in the early stages of going through a divorce and it’s time to put the big girl panties on and get my own auto n renters insurance. Who do y’all have or recommend for FULL COVERAGE auto insurance and renters insurance?

      PS- I’m living in California and I’m not USAA eligible.

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        Progressive has been the least expensive for me with my driving history. Avoid Geico or State Farm. They’re great until something happens.

        EDIT: I don’t have anything to say about State Farm I meant to say steer clear of safe auto.

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          Well, if you have a Hyundai or Kia, by no means do I recommend Progressive or State Farm. In the Midwest, you can kiss your chance of them insuring you goodbye. Thanks to the “Kia Boys”, both makes are “too much of a risk” per their representatives. Have you looked into an agent? They seem to be the best bet these days I swear!

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            Bundle… We use AAA… you pay a bit more… we’ve been with them along time and no troubles

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              Find an insurance broker who can shop 30 companies at once. I have one in Minnesota if you’re here. Varies by state.

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                I have used State Farm for over 35 years. No problems with claims and can do monthly bank drafts for budgeting.

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                  I recommend getting a broker. What’s best for anyone else may not be best for you, and rather than you having to call 2 dozen companies to get their rates, you can have a broker do that.

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                    Progressive; I left State Farm and bundled full auto + business + homeowner and they just sent me a check for $12,999 for a new roof due to wind damage.

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                      Shop around, a LOT, on your own too-not through a finder. So many variables involved from the obvious ones like your age and driving history to the car make and even the color and your zip code. Time to take out the pen and pad and hang the do not disturb sign on the door-you do the work, it WILL pay off!

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                        I have Hartford through AARP. They have been a solid company. I do both auto and home to get the discount. I still carry full coverage because the price of cars has gotten crazy.

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                          I went through a local independent insurance broker who is able to shop around at several companies. I started out looking for homeowners and ended up getting both homeowners and car insurance and I saved quite a bit of money. When it renews, I will see if I need to do more shopping.

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                            Liberty Mutual has been good and affordable. Progressive is also affordable.

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                              I have had excellent experiences with Geico! I started with vehicle ins. Which I’ve not used, but their roadside assistance has been fast and easy to use. Then I added homeowners’ insurance and they did all the paperwork to get everything covered.

                              Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, a windstorm shredded my roof and there hasn’t been a speck of hesitation to inspect and replace my 20-year-old roof!

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                                You can contact your existing companies and tell them you’re divorcing. Even if auto is in your husbands name you have been driving under them so you do have a policy.

                                You just want to remove yourself and get your own. It may save you $. See if your insurance co has renters.

                                If you have a bundle now.

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                                  I have USAA still even after divorce. Be prepared it will cost more. They told me when my status went from married to separated that they see us as crazy women and charge more! Couldn’t believe he said that.

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