How do married couples invest money? Joint or separate accounts?

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      My husband earns well by God’s grace but my earnings is extremely low… he does all the investments with my name on it too and never stops me for anything… I wanted to check how do you all do investments? Does one family member invest or do both members invest everything…

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        I’m the earner and investor, she’s welcome to make any decisions and see whatever she wants, I make her sit down once a year and go over it.

        We are polar opposites in every way but morals and values – ENTJ/INFJ, hard nosed busimessman/not a contentious bone in her body. Math/Science – English,Sociology, Rhetoric. It makes sense how it is my point.

        I wouldn’t tell my daughters to be as hands off is she is FWIW, but I don’t think most marriages are as solid as ours has been for 20 years either. She’s the first thing I think about when weighing risks and investments – all the way to the point of making it easy for her to transition if I die untimely.

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          IRAs and retirement accounts at work are in the individual’s name with the other as a named beneficiary.

          Brokerage outside of retirement accounts are joint.

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            I’ve been married 22 years and have tried to get my wife involved in investing but she just isn’t interested. I share with her what I am doing but her eyes just glaze over. She’s tried to read the books I’ve suggested including The Simple Path to Wealth and I Will Teach You To Be Rich but once it gets into the details she stalls out.she listens to Dave Ramsey but I’m pretty sure she’s only really interested in the personal stories not any of the actual details or strategy.

            Anyway, it works for us. I’m the finance nerd and we are doing well. We have been FI for several years but don’t plan to retire until we are 55 or so (11 years). I’ve left instructions in case anything ever happens to me and I have more insurance than we really need. I have a tendency to over engineer everything so my family will be well taken care of and we will be well provided for when we do decide to stop working.

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              As long as there is communication and access to accounts, I don’t see a problem with one person handling finances. It must be transparent.

              For my husband and myself, he handles our day to day finances but I have access to all of our accounts and paperwork. I don’t get into the nitty gritty of it all. This is very weird because I am an accountant and this is what I do for a living. I do handle all of the tax prep and CPA communications. It really is a team effort.

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                I normally handle all long-term investments but my wife has access and I show her stuff if she asks. We do the divide and conquer method.

                I am more interested in budgets and investing so she trust me for that.

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                  I handle all the investing stuff for me and my husband. Mainly because I really enjoy it, while he doesn’t have much interest in it. It works well for us!

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                    Even if one person leads investment strategy, both people need to sit down and understand that strategy together. It is bad if one person is in the dark, regardless of how well the investments are being managed.

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                      I’m transparent as possible with my wife; but her level of “caring“ about how I run our investment portfolio(s) is a little concerning.

                      I guess that’s what trust is all about. It is definitely a good idea to have a “little black binder “ full of usernames and passwords for EVERY account and instructions on “what to do if I die”…

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                        I handle all of our finances. I really enjoy finance while it puts my wife to sleep lol. She does have access on all of the apps though, and I tell her where we’re at when I do our quarterly net worth check. It works well for us.

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                          I handle the investments and try to keep her up to date on where we’re at with them from time to time or if she asks.

                          The wife handles the bill pain and has access to all accounts and tries to keep me up to date from time to time or if I ask.

                          I don’t think it matters as much who’s doing what as long as everybody’s transparent with it and nobody’s keeping secrets. I think oftentimes it can be hard for couples to be on the same page with everything. This is my wife and i’s second marriage and we both had previous spouses who did not handle money well so being on the same page is so helpful and take so much stress out of our life.

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                            I handle all of our investments.

                            Each month, we do a combined update and walk-through of our financial balance sheet.

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                              I handle all of the investing, however as the chance of dying increases daily I’m trying to get my SO more involved, so she knows everything, and what not to do. It should be enough to last multiple lifetimes if she gets on board with my plan.

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