What are y’all’s professions? What’s your salary? And how long/what education was required to get you there?

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      I’m always surprised to hear about some job I didn’t even know existed and to find out that it pays big $$$. I wish back in high school we were taught about the huge variety of jobs and professions rather than being told “just got to college” and figure it out.

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        I’m a new grad NP making $124k per year. We did a pay as you go plan for my masters and only owe $15k from undergrad. I worked while in school.

        I always say don’t go to college unless you know what you want to do and college is required for that job.

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          Anyone have a bachelor’s in psych? What did you do to find/qualify for a well paying job? Currently pursuing my PhD, but $60k a year for the rest of my life sounds abysmal.

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            I do portfolio management at a bank, make about $90k before bonus, but expect it to increase substantially as this is my first year.

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              Truck driver here. Regional, home every other day. I’m on track to make 100k gross this year. Next month, I’m getting my trainer certificate. That’ll be an extra $200 per day when I have a trainee on my truck. My position is easy, if you don’t count the idiots that can’t drive, lol.

              All I do is drop and hook Amazon trailers.

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                I’m a project engineer I make low six figures (29 yrs old). I work remote but travel often. I’m in a LCOL state with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (4yrs) and a Master’s in Industrial and Human Factors (2yrs). I’m up for a raise the first, we will see how that goes (expecting a large jump).

                During undergrad the Air Force essentially told me I had to be an engineer so I became one. I’m more marketable than most engineers because I have a strong business background so that really helps. And I don’t really fit into the awkward engineer personality. So, if young people are really sociable and suffer through the math they could do very well in the field.

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                  Financial Advisor. I make about 70k per year but the job is fully remote so I could move anywhere in the states with internet.

                  Took a four year degree, and a few licenses. Was not truly necessary per day but I obtained my CFP designation recently.

                  Hopefully will be close to 100K by the end of the year.

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                    I’m in training administration and got my bump to 100K this year! – I manage the training strategy for our Compliance & Regulatory organization.

                    Aka, I’m the person that assigns your anti-harassment or code of conduct training every year and manages all the little behind the scenes things that go into that.

                    I have a BA in English and MA in TESOL. I taught for a bit and transitioned into corporate training. This is a great “invisible” corporate career that teens never get told about and is fantastic for tech savvy teachers looking for a career change.

                    Explore these too: I am an educator and considering starting a side job tutoring – HELP!

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                      I do cyber security consulting. Going to clear $180k this year and probably about the same next year.

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                        Electrical design engineer for Power Systems at NASA, working for one of the contracts. I was the first intern for my department working there until I finished my degree. I was hired full time at the start of this year at 63k.

                        I’ll be working to pass my Fundamentals Exam soon and start towards my PE degree with the hopes of being a Professional engineer before the age of 30.

                        Work like balance is great, I am Hybrid going into the office for field verification but working from home more often than going in.

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                          Transparency was not something the high-school school I went too was strong in. I wanted to be a mechanical engineer because I like learning the ins and outs of machines and liked design work. I expected 80-100k fresh out of school and me/everyone I know accepted 50-75k.

                          Mechanical engineer and have a masters in engineering management. On the cusp of 6 figures. 6 years out of college. Living in a LCOL area.

                          Also, check out: I’m looking for advice on deciding between two job offers

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                            I’m a foreman in the carpenters union – 130k base with a 10% bonus.

                            Zero schooling. 20 years in construction.

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                              Do not pursue my career. $50k college professor.

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                                Underwater photographer and I make well over 6 figures. I love what I do and translated my SCUBA background into my day job.

                                I have 2 science degrees, but wouldn’t say either was necessary for my job. Strong work ethic, attention to detail, safety training, and people skills are what let me build my dream job!

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                                  We are having the same struggle with our teen. Trying really hard to explore because you don’t know what you don’t know. To be honest high schools really don’t know what is out there either and what they do know is not cutting edge or even close.

                                  We have found better success talking to college counselors and heads of departments at the universities. Also, paying attention when people answer questions like these.

                                  Thanks for asking the question.

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                                    My husband is a window cleaner. A bucket, dawn dish soap, a mop & squeegee, some clean rags, ladders, a truck. Gonna cross 200k this year. Not the highrise ones. Only up to 3 stories (inside and out). Mostly residential houses (most of which are one or two stories), we also clean out gutters and power wash. Willing to clean commercial windows, but specializes in residential.

                                    Attention to detail, good people skills, and not afraid of heights or working outside.

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