I’m looking for advice on deciding between two job offers

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      I’m a pharmacist. I recently left a director level position at a startup home infusion pharmacy making $120k/year, no benefits whatsoever due to the venture being a startup.

      I currently accepted a staff pharmacist position at an “easy” retail/mail order type pharmacy that is 10 minutes from home. The pay is $130k/year with 401k offered (no match), and medical/dental/vision. I accepted this position as a way out of the director level position and assumed it would be a temporary jump.

      I’ve been interviewing at another home infusion pharmacy for a general pharmacy manager position and was offered the position a few days ago. The pay is 145k/year with a 12.5% annual bonus, 5% 401k match, and medical/dental/vision.

      The role is responsible for about 45 employees in the pharmacy, it is a 20-25 minute commute, and during the interviews it was made clear that the manager would need to have “strong accountability” skills over the direct reports as that was not the case in the past. This role would definitely come with more stress and responsibility compared to the staff pharmacist position, but it would be a better direction for my career and away from the “retail” side of pharmacy.

      The offer for the general pharmacy manager position is looking for a response by Monday, but I’m torn over whether I want to pursue the offer because of the related stress and long hours I would most likely be putting in.

      Any advice would be appreciated!

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        Congrats! Do you have kids? Spouse? What is your age? We all have times in our lives where we work hard and working hard to get yourself to a good point in life where you may not be working as hard is a good thing.

        If the stress and accountability isn’t because of toxicity and you can do a great job with it then do it.

        The bonus and the match alone give you another 20-25k. The commute is nothing. Congrats on the wonderful opportunities!

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          Pharmacist here. I spent 4 years with the 3 letter company before going into compounding then managed care. I’ve been in your shoes and have contemplated going back to retail after being in a number of positions which may be a bit higher level of stress.

          Ultimately it can be difficult to get out of retail, many pharmacists are looking for ways out, to go back would be a step backward with the potential to get our into other fields being that much more difficult IMO.

          If you want to stay on the retail side more power to you, however if you’re wanting to grow your career away in OTHER areas I would go with home infusion route and stay as far away from retail as possible.

          You also need to consider paid holidays between companies and what your new working hours will be. Retail hours are not always ideal.

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            Try the management job. If you don’t like it go back to staff.

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              First of all, congratulations on growing your career.

              My answer would be in the form of a phone call to chat. Let them know your reservations and ask about specifics of previous manager — what worked and what didn’t. You may find some red flags in that more frank discussion, or you may end up feeling more confident to proceed with a “yes, when do I start?” answer.

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                When do you think you will be in a better position in life to try a new challenge like this?

                If it appeals to you, go for it. Right now your wife probably needs very little of your time while in residency. You don’t have kids. You will never be younger.

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                  Managing people, especially in todays environment, is not for the faint of heart. There’s more money for it, but you’re definitely going to have to earn it.

                  So, if you can meet your goals with the easier job, then go for it but if you’re looking for a challenge then go for the other more lucrative option.

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                    That’s a tough call. The extra income is nice. You’re still young and no kids yet. If you’re ok with the added stress at this point in your career, go for it. But sometimes the added stress is not worth it.

                    Or you can take the job for a few years. When kids come along and the stress is too much, find a more relaxing position. You have a long career ahead of you.

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                      You’ve already been lucky that you’ve had two relatively low stress pharmacy jobs.

                      Sounds like the new job made it pretty clear what your responsibilities will be. Some people thrive in that. You do not sound like that person. You could just take the job and if you don’t like it, leave after a year and hope to find another easy job. It may or may not be easy.

                      You could also follow up with more questions about the accountability part. What it has looked like in the past. What they’ve had issues with. Just know it may make them cool on you.

                      If I was you, I’d pass on the increased stress and find more side avenues to make money.

                      Also, check out: Senior level job with lot of responsibilities vs Low-stress job

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                        Sometimes the higher pay isn’t worth it. Try to trust your gut, maybe write out your vision of where you’ll be in five years.

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                          I’d want to know more specifics about the accountability part. What does that mean to employer, & what actions would they expect you to take. Ask them for an example & course of action they expect.

                          Don’t let them make you offer a scenario.

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                            The fact that they had a problem with accountability in the past sounds like you’ll be stepping into a role where your direct reports have been doing whatever and now you need to rein that in. That’s sounds very ick to me.

                            But I am just more of an individual contributor, I don’t want to manage people.

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                              If you are interested in the idea of leading/managing people, take that job. If you aren’t and just want to make cash without the extra responsibility, then take the other one.

                              Managing people usually comes with longer work days and the extra hours may not be worth the extra income.

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