I just came here to say I saved money this week by not going on Amazon for their sales!

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      I honestly sometimes don’t miss those back to school shopping days! Yet, I do!

      ALSO, I’ve been reevaluating my Amazon purchases! Between not wanting to pay the big giant and all the wasted cardboard!

      PS: I am in Massachusetts.

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        I got some furniture needed for my first ever home we own! And a box of diapers! Love Amazon because I have severe social anxiety and physical health issues and hate shopping constantly in person it gives me panic attacks and ruins my day if I can’t find what I need since my energy runs out and I can’t be on my feet for long.

        It’s more frugal for my time and energy and health to get what I need from Amazon than spending lots of time going to a million different stores all the time. Especially now as a mom it’s not easy to haul my kiddo around and he gets tired and done with shopping well before I do.

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          Same! Not a boycott, just a savings!

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            Not having Prime is a big savings!

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              And I was able to buy the supplies to create and daisy chain 4 55 gallon rain barrels together for watering my large veggie gardens.

              That’ll save on electricity and wear and tear on our well between rain showers.

              Don’t miss: For anyone planning on buying during Amazon Prime Deal Days to get lower prices

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                Me TOO. I saw a post about making a list of the things they DIDN’T buy and the cost. At the end of the month they write the total as money they saved.

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                  I manage 2 food pantries and have Amazon subscriptions for a few always needed items. 2 were on Prime Day sales. I got those. Just a couple of bucks save but a savings none the less.

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                    I saved money this week by going on Amazon during their sales. I got dress pants for all my boys for an upcoming wedding for $9/ pair and hey dudes for 3 of us for $30/pair (cheapest they’ve been since Christmas when we decided to get them).

                    I also stocked up on our road trip essentials (vomit bags, some small activities) because we will spend 50+ hours in the vehicle in August traveling with 6 kids.

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                      Found so many good deals and saved so much as well on Amazon for my kiddos upcoming school year.

                      Explore these too: I just found out by accident that Amazon Prime is only 6.99 a month if you are on foodstamps or other programs

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                        I’m not a prime member. Still purchased some items that weren’t on sale anyway.

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