Has anyone had a personal experience with a kickass divorce lawyer?

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      Divorce [shark] lawyer needed in SoCal:

      Has anyone had a personal experience with a kickass divorce lawyer?

      I feel terrible for my partner who is at his wits end with his ex. He has become physically ill from the stress and financially drained from lawyer bills from his divorce and continued custody battle fights.

      He has been nothing but an amazing father in every way. Financially, emotionally, physically…he loves his son so much. It was because of the birth of their son that he realized he could not be in an emotionally abusive, controlling relationship any longer. He wanted to lead by example and finally walked away from their marriage after 9 years. (*Side note: We did not meet till 3 years after their separation)

      When they first separated, she wouldn’t allow him to see his son. He lawyered up and fought for 50/50 but her lawyer was better, sharper, more aggressive and the judge sided with her and gave her full custody stating that a young, special needs child (son was 3 at the time) would need his mother more.

      He continued his fight and a year later, he was finally awarded 50/50. During this time, his lawyer took forever to help get his divorce finalized despite him meeting every requirement that was asked of him. The lawyer missed court dates and lost communication. But my partner felt he had already invested so much with this lawyer (3 years altogether at this point) that he stuck around with him until he finally got his divorce which just happened last month.

      Well, his ex just let him know that she was going to fight him again for custody. He does not want to use the same lawyer. If anyone has had a really great divorce lawyer in the SoCal area, I would be so appreciative if you could share their info. I am staying anonymous for fear that she might somehow be in this group but if you’re willing to share your lawyer’s contact or allow for DM, I will message you.

      If you read through all this, thank you so much. And sending love to any moms and dads out there fighting this very hard fight.

      It’s heartbreaking for you and your child/ren.

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        It’s amazing the discrimination fathers get in custody cases. So sad. Positive vibes being sent his way.

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          There’s a firm called Payne and feare in Irvine. Too bad they only do labor law and business litigation

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            As a family advocate all my bells are ringing for enmeshment. Check out nacho kids group. So many red flags for me in what you wrote. He needs to man up and take care of these things.

            Don’t miss: If I get a lump sum as a divorce settlement- do I have to pay taxes on it?

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              Not sure if they service the area, but I know a couple people that have used CordellCordell. They only represent men in divorce/custody battles. They would know all the trip ups and battles he is facing.

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                God bless you and your partner. Our society needs father’s involvement to raise the next generation. I have no firm but to tell your partner to keep his head up.

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