Does anyone use reusable Q-Tips? Worth the switch to save money, or no?

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      Are reusable Q-Tips worth considering? Join the discussion to explore the pros and cons of making the switch from disposable to reusable cotton swabs. Share your experiences, opinions, and insights regarding the effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and cost-efficiency of reusable Q-Tips compared to their single-use counterparts.

      Whether you’re environmentally conscious, seeking ways to reduce waste, or simply looking to cut down on expenses, your perspective can offer valuable guidance to others considering this alternative.

      Engage with fellow participants to exchange tips, recommendations, and thoughts on incorporating reusable Q-Tips into your daily routine.

      Together, let’s weigh the benefits and challenges of this eco-friendly option and determine if it’s the right choice for you.

      Join the conversation now and contribute to the discussion on sustainable living practices.

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        That’s just a little further than I can force myself to go for the greater good. I almost bought some …I just knew I would never actually reuse them. Good luck. Hope it goes well for some of u.

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          I have some and must admit that I don’t reach for them at all. I don’t feel like they clean my ears properly, and I don’t like how much cleaning they need to get rid of the greasy feel.

          I got them to be environmentally friendly, not frugal, and I’m disappointed they don’t really work

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            there’s an at home treatment you can do once a year. I get so blocked sometimes that I have to get them cleared by my PCP. Q-Tips push and compress the wax further into ear, and then it continues to build and get pushed further in, no matter how careful we are. last time I went they suggested Debrox once a year.

            I forgot, but will be buying that next time I go to cvs/walgreens

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              I have them and they’re ok. They’re not as good as regular q-tips, but I decided once I finish off the pack of q-tips I already have opened, I’ll stick with the reusable after that.

              I also use reusable cotton face pads to remove makeup and clean my face.

              Both are more for environmental reasons than saving money for me though.

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                Yes. I got a silicone one and like it a lot. I still use cotton qtips for some jobs (esp makeup removal under my eyes) but use the silicone one for ears and other stuff. Rinse and repeat.

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                  I don’t feel they would do much financial wise or planet wise. A whole year costs less than $5 and as for environment, it’s less trash but more water usage

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                    I got one for makeup and it really didn’t work for me. The silicone just doesn’t work like cotton for cleaning up smudges etc. Lots of other reusable products are great but the q tips not so much.

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                      No. Sorry. That’s one hill I’ll die on. I had 4 ear surgeries, tubes 3 times, a ruptured ear drum after one surgery, countless ear infections, I am goofy about my ears & I will use as many name brand Q-tips as I need to to clean and dry my ears after every shower.

                      I’ll compromise on a lot but not this one.

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                        I bought some stocking stuffers for family a couple years ago. They didn’t use them more than one time for whatever reason. Q-tips are relatively inexpensive, maybe a few bucks a year and I make sure to buy the Eco friendly brands.

                        We also need one use Q-tips for other uses, especially wound care, pet ears and other things.

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