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      I’d like to specify what to do with any life insurance money or money that may need moved out of 401k. Attorney said go ahead and draft and and he’ll include it in the trust as an exhibit or something.

      Anyone have a template or example you’d be willing to share?

      I donno where to start and I’m kinda surprised they don’t have a template.

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        You should lay out in simple language what you want to happen. Your lawyer should translate that to an actual legal document.

        And no, there won’t be a form. Trying to dictate spending from beyond the grave is not trivial. Also, you aren’t going to be able to dictate what your spouse does with life insurance money. That passes outside of the estate

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          A qualifed, experienced estate attorney should be able to draft that easily, as well as counsel you if those plans have shortcomings. Also you should be creating a revocable trust for both you and your spouse from the get go, not an individual trust. You both need to get on the same page in the creation of the trust and how your assets are distributed and when.

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