Hotel Disappointments: When Expectations Don’t Match Reality

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      This week I stayed in a hotel for three nights. The website for the hotel said they had an outdoor heated pool, a restaurant on-site, and an exercise room.

      When I got there, the property was under construction and the restaurant and exercise room are both closed. The pool is open, but not heated, so too cold to use.

      I asked the front desk person for a discount, and she initially said no.

      I stayed calm and polite, but firm.

      I ended up getting one of the three nights comped.

      I wasn’t trying to be a Karen, I just felt I wasn’t getting what I had paid for.

      It was a good reminder to speak up.

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        Being assertive is not related to being a Karen.
        I would like to know how Karen became popular.
        I find it ridiculous!
        Who came up with that crap?

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          I wish people would stop using the word Karen as a judgment but that being said, I would’ve insisted on a discount too as you didn’t get what you paid for!

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            I stayed at a Sheraton recently. After being put in the second room of the night, the bathroom mirror fell off and hit me. When I left, I requested some type of compensation. $20.00 seriously. I called and spoke to the manager; it did no good. By email, I threatened to call my credit card and have the charge disputed.

            I then, received a full credit for the room, just not for the parking for a week.

            I never heard anything from the manager.

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              I worked in the Housekeeping department of the downtown Dallas Hyatt two and a half years …. You were right to complain to the front desk! Being polite and firm is definitely the way to go.

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                My grandson and I went to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy and it was 250.00 a 150.00 more then I usually pay. They said my coupon didn’t work (apparently there had been a hack) I asked her to run it again she said no I pushed gently, and the pharmacist came over and re ran it and it was fine. In the meantime, my grandson is groaning because I’m holding up the line.

                After it went through I told my grandson I just saved $150.00. He high five me and said wow! That’s worth it. I explained to him it doesn’t hurt to ask and most want to make it right. I’m glad you were able to get the comp day.

                Fair is fair and right is right.

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                  You are correct in your use of “Karen, an entitled woman of a certain persuasion trying to use her privilege to get her way or trying to police other people’s behavior.”

                  I understood exactly what you meant and why you said it that way. And, NO, you were not acting privileged at all. You were absolutely within your rights to speak up as they were deceptive. You paid for something you thought you were getting and that was not the case. So glad you spoke up and it worked out.

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                    I heard a gentleman today say whenever he’d like to upgrade on anything he will ask “ what’s the chance of…….” What’s the chance of getting into First Class? He said he very rarely gets told no.

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                      I had a bad stay in a motel 6 years ago in NY state. Wrote a complaint letter. They sent me a 2 note voucher anywhere in USA. I used it in Boston area, the most expensive Motel 6. The manager rang it up wrong, I got three bites for free!

                      When I tried to pay for the 3rd nite the desk clerk said it was his bosses mistake and he wasn’t going to tell his boss about it or it wouldn’t go well! A win win for me.

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                        I literally found a machete under the mattress in our hotel in Dayton and they told me the most they could do was remove it… I followed up like 6 times with the corporate office and they told me there’s nothing they can do because the locations are independently owned.

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