How much did you have in a retirement fund at age 34?

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      Seeking Perspectives: I’m interested to hear from individuals about their retirement fund status at the age of 34. Whether you’re on track, behind, or ahead of your retirement savings goals, I’d appreciate any insights or personal experiences you’re willing to share. Your input will help me gauge where I stand and plan accordingly.

      Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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        Around $200,000. 10 years later it grew to over $1M due to higher wages and more aggressive savings rate.

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          Lolz like 100k (I’m 35) but I also had student debt that I paid off (75ishk).

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            Who cares? If you’re 34 now, retirement will no longer be a thing by the time you get over 60. Google Agenda 2030

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              $0; fortunately I recovered nicely. Proof that it can be done.

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                My husband had about $75,000 in his and I had $0. Now we have about $200,000 total and I am almost 42 and he is almost 49. We were a 1 income family for awhile.

                We are putting 15% of mine and 20% of his current salaries with employer matches (7% mine and 4% his) so 22 and 24% total.

                Useful: If you were 50 years old, what advice would you give yourself for retirement?

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                  I’m not that old yet, but I’m hoping to have around $400k by then. It’s a pretty aggressive goal since I’m 28 and only have $100k. To quadruple in 6 years is probably not going to happen, but we’ll see!

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                    I’m 35 – I have 235K in 401K. Paid off about the same amount in student loans over 8 years. I did invest early in 401K.

                    I had a part-time job when I was in professional school at age 22 and started contributions then, but I didn’t earn a full salary until 26 and I paused contributions for 3 years (age 30-33) to pay off student loan debt.

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                      I’m 34 my retirement fund is horrendous at only about 40k gbp in one pot then my second pot I don’t really know how to calculate it because it’s one of those final salary pensions. My investments will be wiped out in a couple of years when I clear my mortgage so will be starting again.

                      It is crazy how some people have so much in their investment funds their jobs must be way over 6 figures to put so much money in.

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                        I only immigrated at 34.

                        So, bill now 28 yrs later although didn’t contribute fully have about 2.2 m in 401K real estate worth 1.6 M. Wife has about 1.2M I guess but still have a mtg of 300K. Very late starter.

                        Don’t know how retirement will be as it is a HCOL area. Very impressed by the people here. Commendable savings.

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                          $65k, I only really started saving 5 years ago. We also paid off my husband’s student loans which were $80k in two years. But we were fortunate to live in my parents cheap casita. It just matters that you start and just use others numbers as a way to motivate you and not get you down.

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