I am looking for a better budgeting app – Any suggestions?

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      I currently use EveryDollar, but I do not like that the remaining balance does not carry over to the next month. I want to be able to have line items that accumulate (ex. Oil changes, pet fees). I also want to see lines that ended negative carry to the next month. If I spent $10 over in a line for June, I would like that to be reflected in the line for July.

      I looked at YNAB and Mint but they are not the most user friendly. I also looked into Good Budget but you are not able to link your bank account.

      Any suggestions?

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        You could try swapping to a sinking fund savings for those types of expenses? I do that for expenses that are not every month like car insurance, renters insurance, contact lens orders etc. I add up the yearly total and then divide it by paychecks, but could use months and transfer to savings.

        That way the expense is recorded evenly in my budget throughout the year but just comes out of a savings account when needed (I’m an accountant so accruals are where it’s at.

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          I like mint but it is not very friendly.

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            YNAB is totally worth the effort. I appreciate there is a learning curve, but an amazing community on FB group to help along the way. Once it β€œclicks” you will never go back. It is the only proactive budgeting tool I know.

            Explore these too: Which is the best free budget app on our phones?

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              Rocket Money is pretty decent!

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                I use everydollar as well since 2017. The balance carrier over if you make the category into a fund. I have several like that in my budget.

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                MJ Haislip

                  I agree with YNAB and mint not being user friendly. I watched tons of youtube and joined the fb group but still having a hard time.

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