I have NVIDIA stocks which I bought for $55. 500+. Should I hold or let it grow?

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      Seeking advice on NVIDIA stocks! I recently invested in NVIDIA stocks at $55.00 per share, and they’re currently valued at $500.00 or more. I’m torn between holding onto my investment or selling to capitalize on the gains.

      I’m curious to hear from others about their opinions on the future prospects of NVIDIA stocks and whether I should continue holding them for potential growth.

      Additionally, if anyone has insights or predictions regarding the performance of NVIDIA stocks over the next five years, I would greatly appreciate hearing them.

      Your input and expertise will help me make an informed decision about my investment strategy.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice!

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        Meb Faber talks about the extremely elusive ”100 bagger”, meaning a 100x return. Two parts of human psychology keep it from happening in nearly all cases. We give up and sell when it is down 80% (Amazon hit this at least once maybe twice). And we give up and sell at 5x or 10x.

        This is not advice to hold it just sharing you are not the first person to feel this way and it is very normal.

        And personally, I am in the same boat with you, albeit I am in coach seat with a cost basis in the $130s not first class at $50s like you, and I do wonder what will get me to sell.

        Have you seen: I am currently 80/20 stocks/s and p 500. Should I be more? LESS?

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          Sold half my position in some managed mutual funds Friday. More than 50% of their assets were concentrated in 10 ‘Mag 7’ type stocks. Moving to diversified index funds. Still, not done yet.

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            No one knows what it will do. What was your exit strategy when you bought the stock? I recommend developing your own Investment Policy Statement if you don’t already have one.

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              I’d sell half and invest it into an index fund… let the rest ride.

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                If you’re itching to change your position, take out the initial investment so it’s a gain / wash, regardless of where the stock goes.

                I sense a split is coming soon.

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                  NVIDIA will continue its growth. Hold it.

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                    You might consider taking the win and redirecting to more diversified holdings but if it’s a small portion of your portfolio you might be okay with the risk *shrug*.

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