Happy Frugal Friday! What did you do this week to save money?

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      I AM: I spent hours wild black berry picking. Free food is my favorite. We eat the berries, we made a cobbler, and homemade black berry syrups! So many possibilities.

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        Always pack my lunch, and make coffee at home.

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          Cancelled subscriptions like Amazon prime and DoorDash. Cancelled a small life insurance policy and accident insurance I no longer need. $100/month. Considering cancelling the cable and ADT security also.

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            Been pantry shopping! I’ve also been living on “toss-in” (I also call it shlumgulium) soup – basically if it looks like it would go well in a soup, I’ll chop it up and throw it in with stock. It’s how minestrone used to be made.

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              Started a second part time job, courtesy and cashier, five minutes from home!

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                I went to Goodwill and thrift shops to find a suit (jacket, pants) my son needed for orchestra and shoes at Goodwill for $2.50 to put taps on for clogging classes. I also found $5 anatomy study cards for my son ($25 on Amazon). All of 300+ cards were there and in great shape!

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                  Saw a tip on here that any money you have left over at the end of the month to put it in savings!! I saved 721.00 this month and already transferred it to savings. Hope to continue this

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                    I’m researching how to make my own washer fluid for the car. I hate all the plastic bottles that are used for everything, and one by one I’m figuring out ways to make my own stuff so I don’t have to have so many plastic bottles!

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                      Ordered fake flowers from Temu for a buck to go in outside planters..lol..no watering for me..bought produce at outlet store..11 huge bundles of asparagus for 8.99 to process for freezer….went to a church yard sale over weekend that had all you could roll into bag for 1$…I can resell some…in one situation to have to eat out but took drinks and had Little Ceasars pizza for under 10$ for 3 ppl.

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                        Planted thousands of seeds. We grow our own food.so much work. But in a couple of months we will have fruit and vegetables that will last us for the whole year.

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                          Kept to my newly established grocery store budget and actually this week came in $20 under.

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