Considering dental issues, what affordable options are available for extensive problems like missing fillings and deteriorating bridges?

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      No judgement please… I am in desperate need of dental work. I’ve had bad teeth since childhood. About 8 yrs ago I was finally able to get dental work done. Had several teeth pulled, had lots of big fillings, and got bridges on top & bottom for the gaps from the pulled teeth. Fast forward to now… evidently all of it was shoddy dental work because the huge fillings have all come out and the plastic parts of the bridges have disintegrated in places.

      I am an avid brusher and take good care of my teeth. My smile still looks ok but when I open my mouth my teeth are horrible. I made payments for years on that dental work. It was a discount clinic. Now everything I eat is stuck in those giant holes in my teeth where the fillings are gone.

      I find that I am grinding my teeth every night. And it’s a struggle to keep fresh breath. I know how much that dental work cost before and I do not have the funds to do it again. I have tried plastic veneers, and they cover and look nice but underneath my teeth are still atrocious. I also can’t eat with those. What do you recommend? Should I get my teeth pulled and get full dentures?

      I am 57 years old,single, and would like to date but my teeth are holding me back and I fear contributing to bad health eventually. I only have about eight teeth without problems. I’m embarrassed to smile. I have dental insurance it it doesn’t pay much at all. My finances are already stretched to the limit.

      I live in a rural county without many options. I live alone without any dependents so I don’t qualify for any type of assistance. I will appreciate any advice you can offer.

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        I had dental work done in Los algodones Mexico. While there I met a woman who found it was cheaper for her to fly from Colorado to yuba City and take a bus or Uber to Los Algodones to get a root canal done then to get it done in Colorado.

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          Do up to the maximum covered each year through your dental insurance at a reputable dentist. It may take 3-4 years to fix the issues, but over time, it will be easier and in the long run, pay off.

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            If you live near a big city check to see if they have a dental college and get a consult with them.

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              Dentist here

              I’m so sorry about your condition..

              Dentures and extractions are covered by insurance . Make sure you are going to a participating provider. Ask for PreDetrmination of benefits so you see what the insurance company allows and what would be your co- pay..

              You might even have coverage for implants.

              Extractions and implants might need bone grafting

              You can always get implants at a later date.

              Hope this helps. All thcovered?


              Please make sure you know what your insurance covers.. you would be surprised

              Many colleges victimize patients under the “not covered ” . Patients must become their own advocates

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                Are you anywhere near the MX border? I live near Nuevo Progresso in South Texas. My husband saved over $12,000. The area is flooded with Winter Texans who go over for dental work. It’s safe and the work is good.

                No political comments!

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                  Are there any dental schools nearby? When I was in college and couldn’t afford dental care I went to a dental school and it was the best work I have ever had done. Students take their time and each step of the process is checked by a dentist to make sure it is correct. I highly recommend it.

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                    I have an illness that causes my saliva glands not to work so my mouth is very dry all the time. I had really bad teeth because of this. I went to the dentist at least 2 times a year and it would be thousands of dental work each time. Even though I was brushing, flossing etc. I moved and didn’t find a dentist for years. Finally found one and he was like at the minimum $39,000.00 and it might not work. Ugh!! I made the hard decision to get dentures.

                    I wasn’t happy about it but they are good. People don’t know and I definitely have my confidence back.

                    I used a credit card that the doctor’s office offered with zero % interest if paid in full.

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