If your goal is financial freedom in 5-10 years, how many RE properties do you need?

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      Exploring Financial Freedom: I’m curious to hear your thoughts on achieving financial freedom within the next 5-10 years through real estate investments. In your opinion, how many investment properties would one need to attain this goal? Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, I’d love to learn from your insights and experiences.

      Your input will help me formulate my own investment strategy.

      Thank you for sharing your perspectives!

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        No need for RE to achieve FIRE.

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          That sounds horrible. I have one and it is anything but freedom.

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            It doesn’t work like that. Too many unknowns. Cashflow varies per property and cost of living and lifestyle standards vary as well. You could FI off 1 really expensive rightly positioned STR or 15 LTRs. Engineer your numbers to fit your goals.

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              There’s no way we can answer that question without knowing much, much more about your situation.

              We don’t know anything about your income, about your family situation, about your expenses…… we’re here to help; but our assistance will be marginal at best with the scant amount of information that you have just given us.

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                A lot of people start with this question.

                You have to start with what financial freedom would mean to you in terms of lifestyle. That creates a budget you need to create income to cover. Then you learn what investment strategies can achieve that. If you pick real estate then you learn strategies that can achieve that and fit with what you can do. If you pick rentals you’d need to create a model Wich is basically a commonly available deal in your area that you have a way to repeatably do that creates x cash flow. Then you would know the number of properties becsuse you’d have the x cash flow number and the income number you previously calculated.

                And if you do all of this you won’t need to ask this question because you will already have the answer.

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                  What can you make per door where you will invest? How much $ per month do you need? Add a buffer because stuff goes sideways. And do the math. For me it’s 20 units at an average of $500 per door. I’m half way to getting that done.

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                    For me, the number is around 30 for 20k/mo. That amount includes plenty of cushion.

                    Back calculate how much you need to live on, plus vacancy, plus repairs, plus cushion, and you have your number

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                      Depends on a lot of variables.

                      What is your goal? Where are you buying? What is the ROI? Are you buying in a LCOL or HCOL? Are you setting money aside for the repairs? What’s your expected vacancy rate? Are you buying SFR, Duplex, Triplex, 4 units, Commercial? If youre buying commercial, what type of commercial? Are you buying alone or with a spouse? Are you buying with a friend? What is the split between you two? Are you hiring a property manager? Lawn care, property management fee, who’s paying the utilities?

                      For me, the number of properties doesn’t matter. What matters is that I get to $10,000-$15,000 a month in NET income. I have some properties but as I get closer to my goal, I am noticing that I am not satisfied. Of course, I want more… like $25,000 a month more.

                      Ultimately, you have to figure out the numbers and come up with what is it that you want.

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                        Somewhere between zero and infinity.

                        What is your freedom number.

                        What yield do you get per cash flowing asset. (Rental/stock/business/crypto).

                        Invest until yield sets you free.

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