I’m going back to school to advance my degree & Thinking of getting a loan

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      The program is 18 months starting next month and is about $48,000 for the whole program.

      My first degree was completely paid for so I don’t have debt and my credit score is 745.

      I would be able to pay for the program out of pocket but it would be majority of my income since I can only work part time. I’m living with my boyfriend and he said he would pay for mostly everything.

      I am thinking of getting a loan but have no idea how it works. I want to take a federal but am completely lost on the process.

      I already filled out the fasfa but everything I read is contradictory.

      I’ll be a part time student but I never have taken a loan out before. I’m 22 and my career will easily allow me pay off the loan within the first year or 2.

      I was thinking of taking out the full 48,000 and while in school pay back as much as I can while saying money and then pay the rest off when I graduate.

      Does anyone have any recommendations or guidance?

      Anything is appreciated!

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        If the ROI is there, I’d take out loans and take 5-8 years to pay them off depending on the rates. Take the extra cash flow and invest as much as comfortably possible.

        The loans aren’t the problem.. it’s getting degree with a very low or even negative ROI that is the problem.

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          Cash flow the education as long as you can. Only take out the loans as you need them to reduce the interest accumulated.

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            Could you work more than part time? I work full time and do college part time currently. You’re putting yourself in a precarious financial position relying one someone else to support you if you put all of your money towards the degree.

            I do agree with wanting to keep the debt down by cash flowing it.

            Maybe take a loan the first semester and save up some cash in case things go south with your boyfriend and then cash flow the rest.

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              Speaking from experience. If you can afford to pay as you go that’s best. Loans super stink. If you do get loans pay a LOT more than payment so you don’t get stuck in a lifetime of payments.

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