Is the Florida panhandle or tennessee a more affordable retirement option?

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      I want no income taxes, veteran friendly, driving distance to Michigan but warmer.

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        I live in central Florida and the cost is so high. My homeowners insurance increased $400 for the year (no claims) and my auto insurance went up, even with no accidents or tickets and I wfh.

        Food is expensive and too many people to where you can’t even enjoy the beach. I would get a quote from your auto and home insurance to see which state would be more affordable.

        Since the panhandle typically gets hit with severe storms and hurricanes, cost will be higher.

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          If anyone in your household is a veteran, look into the benefits each state offers for your rating. In the Florida panhandle, we don’t pay property taxes which is a big help.

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            East Tennessee and Western North Carolina have the least expensive land in the country.

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              Whatever you do, avoid the coast of SC. It’s incredibly over crowded with some of the most expensive real estate in the nation. You can’t get to any of the area beaches due to traffic and it’s extremely difficult to drive anywhere because the infrastructure can’t handle the population. Plus the state is governed by a bunch of redneck racists.

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                Try Zillow or Trulia online and compare prices and property taxes. Prices have went crazy high in both states in the last few years. Property taxes will probably be cheaper in Tennessee but do your research.

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                  Florida insurrance expenses are through the roof. If you plan on owning check that first. Flood will be mandatory for all soon too.

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                    We live in middle Tennessee.

                    Our property taxes did go up, but so did everything else. Depends on worth of your home. We have an abundance of retirees from the north here due to cost of living cheaper.

                    Groceries are expensive, but based on what we pay going on vacation to Florida, it’s cheaper than Florida.

                    I moved here when I was a teen. I love it!

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                      Tennessee weather is also a factor…lots of storms….but panhandle has hurricane risk…both cost insurance and repairs etc..

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