Starting a fun discussion on areas to move for retirement if you can give recommendations!

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      Looking for ideas on places with 4 seasons, mountain type environment or close proximity, lakes, outdoor activities, not too snowed in but some snowy winters that are manageable, city big enough for all the exotic restaurants and good shopping is within driving distance, but lower cost to live a little outside in a more rural area. For example…we love VT but the winters are too harsh.

      Also, Looking more east USA but not on the East coast. Affordable within means. Not too crazy rural.

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        You just described East Tennessee, specifically the Knoxville area, perfectly. I’ve been here my entire life and absolutely love it.

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          Smith Lake in North AL, 3rd cleanest Lake in Nation. Great boating, swimming and fishing. Spreads into 3 counties. Near world class medical in Birmingham and Huntsville.

          Near smaller town of Cullman in foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Great cost of living and property taxes.

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            Several cities near Asheville Hendersonville (NC) meet these criteria. We have a place near Brevard and love it there.

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              Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, West Virginia.

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                I’m looking too – but outside of the USA. Until you mentioned “East USA”, I was going to recommend Ecuador. The cost of living there is generally 20-30% of the COL in the USA.

                I was there in June. I took 10 people to a nice lunch. Full meal and drinks. $28.50.

                Total No taxes or tipping there.

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                  I’m enjoying Saint Paul, MN area. A but south is less wintery. But, there’s more tornado weather.

                  So, I’ll take the snow. But the areas around got the plowing/salting down!

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                    An RV. Then you can move with the seasons. Pet friendly too. Stay up to 2 weeks at gorgeous state campgrounds right on lakes, nestled in valleys, on mountains with amazing views, waterfalls, rock climbing, deserts etc all for $20-30 a night with large sites and most utility hookups. A home base is nice of course.

                    For us our RV is an affordable way (if you’re not huge and happy to stay in state and National park campgrounds) to escape uncomfortable seasons. We take a few breaks each winter to leave for ten-14 days somewhere warmer.

                    And in summer we head north and west for 2-3 weeks at a time.

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