Legit medical bill forgiveness or consolidation companies?

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      OK, I am debt free minus paying the hospital $8k for my last baby (he’s 1 now) and I am due with another baby in August so his will be around $10k out of pocket with my high deductible plan. So around $8k I currently owe and soon to be another $10k added to the payment plan to this hospital.

      Does anyone know of any legit medical bill forgiveness or consolidation companies?

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        If it’s and option, why not switch to a low deductible plan until you’re done having children? It seems like the higher cost would be worth it in your scenario.

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          For anyone reading this high deductible plans are not made for people who might get pregnant. Choose wisely. These plans are for generally healthy people without planned medical expenses.

          Pregnancy is a planned medical expense.

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            Why not move out of your high deductible plan? I get HSA contributions are nice, but it seems like you’re not really getting the benefit of the high deductible plan at this point.

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              Yes! Most hospitals will let you private pay if you request it. Basically you have to say I do not want to use my insurance. Then you pay the private pay rate before birth. Our hospital private pay rate for birth, baby, and 2 nights stay is $3000 or $3500 c section.

              Now some hospitals will say that is our “uninsured rate” and claim it is higher for you even if you don’t use your insurance it’s simply because you have insurance. Also Most people will argue over this but if it’s truly a burden to you then most of the time after not making any payments you can call and tell them you may never be able to pay and they will write it off.

              Another option would be to stop making payments and call in and ask if you pay today what is the lowest they will accept and sometimes it is half. As long as the bills are with the hospital itself.

              Most hospitals keep their debt and it doesn’t go to creditors.

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                I didn’t have insurance when I had my kid, so I went to hospital and talked to them. They did flat fee $2500 for regular and $3500 for C section. Maybe it’s cheaper if you don’t use your insurance?

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                  I am not sure if you have the means, but many hospitals will do a settlement offer to clear the debt in full instead of paying month to month. If you have an amount for a lump sum payment that might be worth checking into.

                  If you don’t qualify for any type of right off at the hospital with your income.

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                    Medical bills will never impact your credit score. Take your time.

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                      Are you hoping to have the medical bills for the first child or second child forgiven?

                      Also, they will look at your finances. If you have no other debt, it probably looks like you have the means to pay.

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                        The only one I’d use is the hospital itself.

                        Usually, they’ll have you submit an app showing income / debts and will decide if you’re eligible for any discounts. Call them.

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