Looking for frugal window cover options to help keep the Las Vegas heat out

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      Hi everyone, I’m seeking advice on affordable window covering options to help keep the intense Las Vegas heat out. With temperatures soaring, it’s crucial to find a cost-effective way to cool down my home. What budget-friendly solutions have you found effective in blocking out the heat?

      I’m particularly interested in DIY ideas, reflective materials, or any other creative approaches that won’t break the bank.

      Any suggestions or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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        Put reflective tint on your windows.

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          I know it sounds odd but I put black out curtains on the outside of my sliding glass door on the east facing one it keeps my house extremely cool because the glass doesn’t get the chance to get hot.

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            Cardboard against the windows and blackout curtains.

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              I saw a video of a woman who got sheets of some sort of paneling at Home Depot -it had reflective silver foil looking stuff on 1 side and looked like regular backer board on the back. It was light as she had a large window and easily put it in and took it out in the video.

              Sorry I can’t remember the name of it.

              I live in Central NY and had to get blackout curtains for my large front window due to the sun/heat.

              It does help!

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                It got blackout curtains from Ross. They were not expensive.

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                  We put up clearanced car windshield shades in our bedrooms even though we had black out curtains already and our rooms stay much cooler now.

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                    Buy black out curtains, but tin foil works incredibly well- cover it with the shinning side out.

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                      I have the blackout curtains in every room. Got them at Walmart. Have the pricey full window sun screens on the out side and dual pane windows and the heat is still getting through!

                      This heat is getting scary.

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                        I completely boarded up one window with cardboard boxes and gorilla tape. It was a window where the sun just came right in with no shade outside and it made my room hotter.

                        Boarding it up was such an amazing idea.

                        The room had another window facing a different direction, so I still have natural light. And I keep a curtain over that window, so you don’t see the box

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                          When I lived in Arizona I bought thermal blackout curtains and the cool thing is they come in different colors so they can still look nice but they definitely help.

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                            There is aluminum with some padding between, you put it right on the windows. My husband used it in our travel trailer in Vegas. Kept it very dark but definitely helped keep it cool so the ac didn’t run constantly.

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                              Best tip I ever got from a vanlifer–Reflectix, cut to fit, in the windows. Also, since Reflectix is silver, something dark (poster board, use your imagination) to put between it and the window so your windows aren’t bright silver and an eyesore, lol.

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                                White foam boards from Walmart, Target or dollar tree – use white duct tape to tape them together for the perfect window fit.

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                                  I have blackout curtains from Walmart on all my windows and put I reflectix on the windows that the sun shines directly in.

                                  2 small rolls of reflectix was $20 at Home Depot.

                                  It made my house a lot cooler and the AC doesn’t run as much.

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